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  1. i woke up this morning and remembered that i randomly planted some ungerminated bagseed while smoking months ago.i walk down to where i did it and sure enough there was a 5 inch plant that looked like it was marijuana.ill post pics later but i wanted to know if i should transplant it because its not in spot with alot of sunlight, inbetween a bush and the side of my house.
  2. Post pics and ill let you know what I would do.
  3. How much sunlight is it getting? Direct vs. indirect, hours per day, etc.

    What side of the house is it on (north/south/east/west)?

    Would it help to trim back the bush, and if so could you?

    What is the soil like where it is now?

    Do you have a good place to put it if you did want to move it?

    You are in the best position to assess your own situation, we can't possibly from here. Just remember that MJ is a sun-loving plant and also remember that pulling one up out of the ground will be very stressful to the plant and likely will damage the roots, possibly severely. You have to balance those competing criteria.
  4. i checked after school and i doubt its pot
  5. looks like herb
  6. thats a marijuana plant fer sure.

    idk bout transplanting. never done it personally. sounds stressfull on the roots cuz you wont be able to tel lwhere the roots are exactly.
  7. Yea, that's weed.
    Looks pretty healthy for the circumstances too!
  8. I found another one.....

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL38Y76-IFg&fmt=22]YouTube - FILE0001TEMP[/ame]
  9. I like your socks...I dont know it sorta looks like herb then in the vid It sorta doesnt, Im going to say it is but chances of it producing or being a sucessful grow if left there slim to none.
  10. the video and the picture are two different plants, ill get a video of the plant in the picture..
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHMIQdHyElE&fmt=22]YouTube - FILE0002[/ame]

    i was trying to lift it up cuz it comes out of the ground and goes sideways, than it goes up like it was searching for sunlight
  12. looks like mary jane to me =)
  13. It is MJ and looks like the slugs found it first.
  14. This is actually a pretty funny thread. The OP even took a video segment of the plant so we could identify it for him. Cute, I say.
  15. the majority say its pot but im still doubting it, the one in the video has no reason to be where it is
  16. Doesn´t EVERYONE say it´s pot ? How many more do you want?? (It´s usually the other way round.)
  17. Leave them be as long as they won't be recognizable. That is pretty funny stuff.

  18. Its definitely herb.
  19. Just leave it, if it needs more light get branch trimmers or just snap off the branches so it can get more light.

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