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Possibility of Blowing Smoke Objects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ikifar, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Is it possible to blow other shapes and forms rather than just smoke rings? For example, in The lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Gandalf and Bilbo enjoy a pipe and Bilbo blows out a smoke ring while Gandalf blows out a smoke ship. Is it possible through the contorting of your mouth to blow other objects of smoke?
  2. Besides rings, I've seen hearts. Other than that, I'd say there's not a good possibility of being able to blow a complex object out of smoke.
  3. I'm sure it's technically possible, but I doubt you could figure out how to do it. Like the guy above me said, I've only seen hearts and rings.
  4. Ive never actually see anyone blow a heart. But what ive seen is people blow a smoke ring and then someone snaps thier fingers and its supposed to form a heart.

    Is that have you have seen it done? And is it really that cool?
  5. my friend can make targets- a big smoke ring, followed by one a little smaller, a little smaller, and so on. and when hes done he'll rip a j or spoon and shoot the smoke into the middle of the target. pretty sick
  6. That's tight man! :hello:
  7. for some reason i think the OP was stoned watching LOTR lol jk
  8. Its not really making a shape, but it is cool to blow your smoke into that bubble liquid stuff. little orbs of smoke float around until they pop and smoke bursts out.

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