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    Hi all. New to site so not sure on posting etc. Hope you can help. Put 16 new cuttings into nft. Growth was explosive then new growth started to show speckling and tips curling over though not on old growth. Here are pics any thoughts?

    Been reading about Tobacco Mosaic Virus looks possible.
    600w blockbuster air cooled
    100l reservoir
    Feed 10 mins every hour then more progressivly as roots developed(Eco technics precision interval timer)
    Air temp 20-25c
    Water temp 18.5-20c(Haliea water chiller)
    Nutes 1.0-1.2
    Ph 5.8-6.0
    Plant magic nutes.(Trusted nutes from good uk supplier)
    Tons of fresh air 5inch in 6inch out RVK's
    I can't work it out.
    These plants are 10 days old there really shouldn't be that much wrong so soon.
    Lots of root, pure white fast growth etc.

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  2. Just to calm your nerves,
    its NOT TMV.

    Kelp extract is full of Zn.


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