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Positronics Seeds Critical #47 with 210 actual watts and lst

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Cmm8907, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. What's up grass city. Back for my second grow. Just put a positronics seeds critical #47 in the wet paper towel and she is chilling on my cable box. This will be my first photoperiod grow so will be looking for help from everyone. Once again I will be using the same box as before. I purchased some fox farm ocean forest soil (abandoning the miracle grow moisture control even though it did work very well for me) and the fox farm soil trio (grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom). I am going to be purchasing two more large cfls. One 2700k and one 6500k. So that's it guys. Hope you stick around for the ride.

  2. my c47 is like 5ft+ in 3 gallon pots the plant grows fast in veg and bloom. i got about 4wks left
  3. Sup, good luck, hopefully this thread will be as good as the berry one! Little box again :D TBH if I were you, I'd build another box JUST like the first one (since it works and all) and grow 2 different strains next to each other. Twice the fun, twice the yields.
  4. Thanks for the interest guys. I'm giving her another day before I put her in soil just to let the root poke a little more out of the seed.

    Hell yea little box again. Haha. I am going to run the gamet on this one. Serious lst and some topping. I gotta keep here under 2 feet so its gonna be a fun little challenge. I'm working on buying a house and am gonna put in a nice little grow room so I'm gonna upgrade once that happens and keep this is a little veg box. She's been a trusty gal. Haha.

  5. How long did you veg for to get it that size?
  6. Alright so she is in the dirt as of last night. Expecting it to be about 4-5 days before she breaks the surface but we are up and running. Seedling lights are setup and on and got all my ducks in a row. Here's some pics of the basic setup and the soil and nutes this grow will be getting.

  7. So it went into soil on Tuesday night and still no seedling yet. Hoping something pokes up by tomorrow night.
  8. Just subbed, definitely pulling up a seat on this one after going through your last journal. Just started my own Berry Ryders so it was super helpful.

  9. Nice man thanks. If you have any questions on the berry shoot them my way and I will help with what I can. I gave mine a nice long cure and really dipped into her today and boy is it a nice buzz. Real happy with the outcome of that strain. I have a few more seeds of it but gonna do a few photoperiods to try to build on my skill.

  10. I've done outdoor grows (i have an unfinished journal floating on here somewhere) that were hugely successful, but this girl is gonna be my first ninja grow. hopefully within the next couple of days I'll start documenting my berry and you can be sure that I'll be in and out if I ever need some help!
  11. Awesome man. I'd like to follow it so let me know.
  12. So it's been just about a week since I put it in soil and still no seedling yet. I germinated it for a few days prior and there was a good 1/8 to 1/4 inch root poking through before I planted it but still nothing. Anyone have this with this strain?
  13. my c47 is like 5ft+ in 3 gallon pots the plant grows fast in veg and bloom. i got about 4wks left

  14. I find it strange that I recieved the exact same post from someone earlier on this thread.
  15. Sounds like a dud man. You could try to lightly brush back some of the dirt to find it.
    When I plant mine I make a small hole for the root, put seed in, lightly cover with dirty and dont pack it at all. spray a lot with water to keep it wet. 1-2 day all are up and going.
  16. It looks to me like they are actually the same exact person...here are my clues: liang registered this month. they also has about 6 total posts so by that assumption, they registered fairly recently. the two posts are, like you said, exactly the same. You can call me Sherlock Holmes if you want to from now on hahah

    OH and also, figured I'd throw you a link to my journal, I don't know how to put it in my sig yet, but that will be happening soon. How is your c 47 coming along man??

  17. Haha. By golly dear Watson. I think we've got it. Haha. Still nothing as of this morning. I gave Her a good watering and am out of town on business until tomorrow so I will see it then.
  18. So I hate to say it but I think I got a dud. It's been nearly 2 weeks and still nothing. I am going to give it a few more days and then close this journal as a fail. On the plus side my seeds I ordered on 4/20 have made it across the pond and are scheduled to be delivered Wednesday so I will be able to dive right back I to another one.

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