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  1. I think if people made an effort to think positively, and be kind to one another, we would live in such a better place. People are afraid, afraid of the outside world so they articulate their fear into words. Being afraid that people they do not know are dangerous, afraid of being taken advantage of. But fear is an emotion, useful for survival, however detrimental to society. You can not fear your neighbor, because fear leads to deeper, darker emotions like hate. We as a people need to let go of our fear, and be nice to others. Instead of assuming something about a situation, respectively inquire so you can learn the truth.
    I had a conversation with a person the other day, who strongly believed that war will not only always exist in society, but should always exist in society, because it brings benefits such as economy boost and technological boost.
    My question is, what benefits does war have that you can not achieve from other outlets. If we need to boost our economy, honestly let the people know what the issues are, and what we need to do to fix them. Similar to how you would in a family, if you have financial problems and need to cut back on things, you have to let everyone in your family know, and have a discussion about it. They may not like it, but it is what has to be done for the benefit of the family.
    I hope this makes since to others, and if anyone has something they would like to add, please do. Lets try and refrain from any insulting post though, and if you disagree with someone, let them know in a respectful manner.
    I may come back and add more in here later, but I don't want to ramble on too long in the op.
    And please if you are going to take the time to post, please take the time to read it.
    Thanks guys :smoke:

  2. Im really glad you posted something in the philosophy subthread. 
    You made really good points and I learned a thing or 2 from it. It is clear that humanitys natural goal is to connect together in a positive way. Humans are made to communicated and work with other people. For everything to go smoothly everyone needs to think logically and efficiently to reach our full potential. Who knows what we could accomplish if we had that going for us. I could go on forever. 
    Philosophy is particularly amazing because you can always learn something new and you do learn every time you study it. And no matter what happens you can always develop more spiritual. Throughout your entire life you can grow in maturity and really be yourself and have a long time to learn about yourself.
    I am truly amazed by the general relationship with the mind and physical body. When you think of it your best friend is your creative mind. You are always talking to yourself and thinking about what to do next to accomplish your tasks. As you get older you get to know your friend (your mind) better and work more efficiently with yourself to grow as a person and overcome difficult struggles to achieve your goals. And you get better and better at it with time as long as you work at it. 
    I'm sure you get what I mean but I seem to lose a lot of people at that one..  
  3. No I understand what you mean. The more you work with your mind, the better you get to know it. Know what works for you, what dosent, what type of thinking you like and don't. I don't know if it makes since to others, but to me, my mind really feels like an open place I can explore. With different types f energies in it, and thoughts and ideas.
    Something I just realized also, is that when you lie about something, you know its a lie. But a small part of you hangs on to it, only with honesty, can you let your self be free.
    I see the main teachings of religion as a basic guideline to life, the ten commandments, the golden rule. They are important ideas that neccesary to being the best you can be as a person. The problem in my eyes with religion, is it feels too much like you are being told how to live, and in our society, the last thing people want is for someone else to out right tell them what to do. What I think religion lacks, is the reason on why the golden rule is important, the reason why the ten commandments are important. And maybe those reasons are in the Bible, or the Qur'an, or other religious scriptures, but they are too hidden.
    What I'm trying to say, is if people knew why they should follow those guidelines, instead of just being told to follow them, maybe more people would, Because, despite believing in a higher power, those guidelines are still important. If more people treated others how they want to be treated, we would have a much better world.
  4. The problem is that there are two facets of a human. One is the ego, which is constantly changing, ever malleable, being changed by the world around it. Then there is the consciousness, which is the shaper, the observer and the corrector. In our regular state of consciousness, there are aspects of ourselves that occur unconsciously, like we are on autopilot. These are the things like survival instincts and such. 
    One must become cognizant of these aspect of ourselves that are on autopilot, these instincts that comprise the ego, and must apply the reason of consciousness and forge them with universal love and understanding. 
  5. Wow man, thanks for the input. The interesting thing is, when you get into things this deep, it is hard to put into words for other people who have not felt it to understand. It's something you have to have experienced to understand.
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    What survival instincts and how do they have an impact? You make these claims and do not even provide a single practical example. You denounce our most basic survival tool, and discredit it as you ignore life experiences which shape individual beliefs/opinions and psychology. Where are you without survival? While you may believe differently, it is certain that as far as things go here in what we perceive as existence death is indeed the end.
  7. Hey dude I didn't see him say anything that was denouncing survival instinct. More so, opening the survival instinct to be able to understand it, or something like that. I could be wrong, but that's how I read it. But he was speaking from a spiritual level anyway, your speaking on a straight logic level.
  8. It truly is hard to express these things, but there is one certainty.
    There are those who can find truth in untruth, and those who can find untruth in truth. We each have both of these aspects within us, the finder of truth is truth itself. The truth lives within us, but is distorted through pleasing the senses, which believe themselves to be truth.
    I don't know if you would be interested but there's a book called The Holy Science, by Sri Yuketswar, and I think you might find some truth therein.
  9. Alright man I might have to look into it
  10. The ego is our problem. and as a Western society all we do is advocate its growth.
    Look around... Everyone is attached to inanimate objects, money. people, aesthetics etc; and if one is lacking, they are supposedly less of a human being. 
    Even here, on a site we would hope to be more open minded, everyone is attacking each other, and trying to make themselves look like the better person. That of course goes for the outside world as well.
    Idk man.
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    Yea man this is what I was trying to get at. Instead we all just need to be positive, and supportive of each other to work through and past the ego. You have to humble yourself.
    I'm happy about the response I am getting on this thread :smoke: lol
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    You can't have too much positivity. Positivity is inclusive, where as negativity is segregative. Negativity creates feeling of separation, where as positivity includes everyone, makes everyone feel part of the whole.
    The ego, by its very nature, is about feeling separation. I am over here and you are over there and I'd better be careful of you in case you do something to me. As long as we see the world this way, conflict will always be inevitable. Never mind whether the global elite promote all this in order to ensure we're always at war somewhere. War is very profitable. Remember, one of the biggest industries in the world is the arms business. If there were no reasons to use them there would be no point making them. Not making them is not an option, so using them become a necessity.

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