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  1. Post only positive things here. Too much negativity in the world. Positivity and encouragement here.
    I'll start- Today marks one week of me eating clean, stopping smoking cigarettes, and working out and I feel great. I did slip up with the cigarettes yesterday and had 2, but I felt like crap for an hour after the second one so I'm back on the wagon. Looking forward to being a healthier, happier me.

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  2. im only gonna watch porn on tuesdays
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  3. im just kidding i dont watch a lot of porn. the grass is green today and i really love that it's cold in florida
  4. That's a specific goal... any particular reason why Tuesday's?

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  5. lol I gotcha. What's the temperature there?

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  6. Good for you! I also quit smoking cold turkey right before Christmas & I feel you, I slipped a few times too but starting to lose the taste for cigarettes :)
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  7. better than a monday and it doesn't fuck up my weekends.
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    like 50 F in the morning
  9. I quit years ago, its not so bad if you have the right mind set , and you have allot of weed .

    I just made a new clamping system for my pipes , It will help clamp in about 50 wood inlays in my pipes ..
    I am making a pipe for a female customer , the pipe is made from purple heart wood and the wood is naturally purple but if you heat the wood it turns bright purple ..
    The pipe looks killer, and should be done in a week .

    Even the old boot lace I used in the pipe looks way cool:apache:
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  10. "The goal of all life is death."
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  11. The goal of life is for the universe to experience itself through us :p
    If there is no one to observe something does it really exist?
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  12. Our union with the universe goes as far as our union with each-other because we manifest each-other. I think that's positive because im here to tell you.
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  13. And day by day I feel more like we're in a simulation and after all, almost everything we know are what we're told so(be it your name, who's your parent, colors, etc.) and the rest are just been stored in our genetic memory.
    Anyways, don't want to ruin it and be a jerk who hijack this post so I won't reply here anymore.
  14. That sounds really cool! Would love to have something like that someday

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  15. You guys are getting deep. I love deep topics. I'm not great at responding to them, but I think it's interesting to read .

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  16. The goal would be to reproduce and continue your species, death is the end game to help your species continue.

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  17. Not at all! This is good! We are having an argument.

    The simulation theory is definitely one of the more probably ones out there but it gives me headaches when I think beyond whats simulating us, for what purpose, in what kind of universe do they live & what kinds of laws apply to them.
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  18. Then it could be the goal of "your" life and not the life itself. In short, you reproduce and then what? Your offspring reproduce and the life is going on but you just can't say it's the "goal" of life.
    And btw, that quote was from Freud who's probably the master of reproduction-related topics :D
  19. Not sure if the English translation can bring you its true meaning:
    "We are the puppets and fate the puppeteer
    This is not a metaphor, but a truth sincere
    On this stage, fate for sometime our moves steer
    Into the chest of non-existence, one by one disappear."

    Another quote that I really love about death: (From Kingdom of Heaven)
    "Balian of Ibelin: You go to certain death.
    Hospitaller: All death is certain."

    A positive one:
    "Every creature honor and respect
    Bird or beast, plant or insect
    If you look at life you will detect
    From dust to dust, divine intellect."
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  20. There is no philosophical meaning to life in my opinion. Going by the laws of nature and evolution the only goal is to reproduce, if you look at animals in the wild everything they do is to contribute to further generations of their species.

    Even humans (males) have a chemical in the brain... I forget the name of it. That makes the brain lose interest in a spouse so you move on to reproduce with another female.

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