Portland - Worth Moving To?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tree Burner, May 29, 2013.

  1. Anyone live in Portland? I currently live in Colorado but my lease is up soon so I'm debating whether to stay here or move to Portland.
    Just curious how you like it there.

  2. You could stay...haha
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  3. Chanel sonnen is from Portland and he's my hero <3
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  4. I mean, Portland is cool and all, but why the hell would you want to leave Colorado? :p 
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  5. Portland's great, but I know a lot of people who have had trouble finding jobs there.  Maybe things have turned around lately, but unless you're retired/independently wealthy, it's something to consider.
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  6. Oregon is a pretty depressed state, as far as jobs go. You would have a better chance of finding work in Portland than a smaller town in Oregon though.
    Oregon is beautiful. Most people love Portland. It doesn't get very cold. The mountains are close, if you're into snow. It rarely snows a lot and sticks in the city though.
    My son lives there. I go there frequently. What else would you like to know?
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  7. I live in the portland metro area  and absolutely love it.
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  8. i'm moving out there in august. going at the end of june to sign a lease, i've really heard nothing but good things about the place
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  9. How do you know he isn't talking about Portland, Maine?
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  10. Few people I was friends with moved out there a couple years ago and they love it. Beautiful weather, amazing scenery and great bud. I'd say go for it. I don't blame you for thinking about getting out of CO. 
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  11. oregon is awesome when there aren't freakin hailstorms.  They seem unusually prone to them, for some reason.
      perhaps the orographic lift?   
      beautiful place for a hike!
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  12. No it is not worth moving because most people do not know the name of their NBA team
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  13. Is Portland Maine a medical state?
    I really don't know which states allow medical marijuana, other than Oregon and WA and CA. I know nothing about Portland Maine.
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    Sorry, Portland, Oregon. Don't get me wrong, Colorado is awesome. The downside is that I live in a small ski resort town. There are no best buys, malls, reasonably priced clothes, etc. Almost all the jobs around here have extreme fluctuations in pay/hours due to us having "busy seasons." Our town only has a population of about 2,000 if I remember correctly and it jumps 5x fold when tourists are here.
    A lot of people think it would be so awesome to live in a place like ours because they vacation here but if you like to socialize with a lot of new people and be able to go out and party, buy clothes, etc.......it's not for you. The dirt bike riding, snowboarding, skiiing, etc is awesome no doubt although we only had a 60% snowpack this last season.
    Here, you'd be extremely lucky to find a job that pays benifits let alone gives you 40 hours a week.....year around. I need to go back to school and while it's possible here.......it's definitely not ideal to be juggling 5 jobs that have varying hours depending on the season along with having to pay for health insurance out of pocket.....while trying to knock out as much college as possible.
    Also, If I did move to the Portland area it would actually be the Hillsboro area if that makes any difference. Thanks for the replies.
  15. I'm really interested in this. I'm moving to Oregon soon, Portland or Eugene? And what should I expect going over there?
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    maine is in fact a medical marijuana state, and respects "green cards" issued from other medical marijuana states.
    (the last time i checked anyway)
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  17. Also, any input on the colleges in the Portland, OR area?
    Well if your really big into college football i would say eugene other wise portland.
    For CC theres PCC which has multiple campuses around the portland metro area (N. Portland Campus,S.E Portland Campus,Rock creek Campus and i think they have a couple more campuses just cant think of them) or theres Mt hood CC or Clackmas CC or a couple others.. there are a few universitys.. Theres Portland State Uni, Uni of Portland and a couple more i think
    Because he isn't Stephen King.
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