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  1. Hello portland. or should I say POTland. im new to portland oregon. I moved here about 2 weeks ago from chicago, il. while my old city was very big and beautiful, it was not as stoner friendly as portland. i was very sad to leave chitown only because i didnt want to lose my connection to some very nice purple kush, diesel, and many other highs over there. but now i am glad i left that shit hole. if you are ever going to visit you are most likely gonna get ripped off. 20$ for . 8 of some normal kush, 25 for a gram! while i havent found a good connection in here (kush), i have found some very nice hydro. i am still on my quest for my regular dealer. one thing i noticed is the people ive met dont really want to make new friends. i wanted to start this thread so any locals on here could offer advice to any people that are new to portland, or just other locals. i have a few questions myself and would appreciate any help. 1st question can anyone tell me of any headshops worth going to. I have heard of one called up in smoke and another called mellow mood or something like that. and 2nd can anyone tell me of any 'spots' that could offer some dank nugs! i was told to go to the saturday market and ask around, but its just so far away. im in se portland near rockwood. now i would like to say PORTLAND ROCKS!!:hello:

    feel fre to pm or add me. thank you for your time.
  2. are you not eligible for MMJ? you can just go to a dispensary yo
  3. well im barely in the process, i just had my first visit for spasms i have on my lower back due to a car crash i had a couple moths ago. but i read on another website that you have to have at least 2 visits 90 days apart.
  4. If your in rockwood it shouldn't be hard but it will probably be schwag.
  5. your right. it is pretty easy but most of the time its just commercial dro.:(

    do you have any advice for a nice head shop? im looking for a perc bong, and a spacecase 4 pc grinder.
  6. Saturday market is a 30 min train ride from Rockwood. I go to TeamQuest in Rockwood.
    You moved into a shity ass part of Portland, no offence. you probably noticed the BS going on there. There's hookups all over Ptown and Gresham. Best thing to do is go to Mothers and get your MMJ card. you can get it quick and easy. Go to Hawthorn and walk in the red light district. There's a place called Third eye that has some bad ass pieces, There's Oregon Glass in Gresham on Powell. There's about 5-6 Dif Headshops on hawthorn within a 5 block radius.
  7. lmfao non taken. i was told by neighbors that i moved into one of the shittiest apartment complexes in portland. i did not belive this until i was smoking a joint on my balcony and literally saw a tv go through a window. some black lady was ticked off and started trashing her house, she came out and broke every single window. she even bitched me out and said it was my fault :confused:. now everytime i toke i see the borded up apartment windows and it makes me feel like im in the hood. thanks for the help bro i really appreciate it. i will def look into this red light distric you speak of. team quest? are you talking about the karate place next to mcdoobies, cuz if you are i litarly live like a 10 min walk from there.

  8. Yea that Place. Randy Couture is a partial owner of it.
  9. randy couture dam thats legit i always wanted to try mma but i never really had a motivation for doing it. how long have you been studying mma?

  10. Few years. Not long enough though. After I get my life plan put together I plan taking it to the next level. I'm 6 foot 8 350 pounds. I would love to make MMA My profession in the future.
  11. Hey man, I used to live in the portland metro area, and what can I say, I am glad I left. The people are ugly and a good chunk are fat (pun lol), the weather is usually gray and depressing, and the traffic sucks cuz everyone is high and paranoid.

    However, welcome to one of the most pot friendly cities in the NW, and on those rare days when the sun shines, one of the most beautiful cities. Portland has great breweries, food carts, roach coaches, views, hiking trails, and great tasting water from the tap.
  12. West coast in general is pretty great. I love Oregon you have to get used to the weird weather but I would rather enjoy clean air instead of smog :p Portland is weird and stay true to it's nickname. I'm only an hour from the desert, about an hour and a half from the beach, 2 hours from the best dunes I've ever road, 15 minutes from the gorge. there so much here people just don't open there minds and explore it.

    I visit LA every other summer, It's nice to be able to enjoy some 120 degree weather sometimes. But damn you talk about traffic lol, LA has the worst traffic I've ever driven in.
  13. Man, I WAS used to the weather. I have lived there all except 2.5 years of my life. I live in OC, CA now, and my eyes have been opened.

    In downtown LA yes, the traffic is bad, but everywhere else, heavy traffic flow is still much faster compared to Portland traffic. In Portland, certain areas start being sketchy from around 2:30 PM, and at 5 the whole metro is pretty much a parking lot.

    And 120?? :rolleyes: Our summer average is low 80's!

  14. Must of been a while since you have been here?¿ I Drive for a living and I have not seen it that bad here. the only place is Dtown Ptown thats like that. There have been problems in the past With OR City but that's all fixed. Sunny side if 4 lanes now instead of 2.
  15. @ricehunter
    Thanks for the welcome, and welcome to oc, ca. that is my hometown area. i was born and raised in anaheim,ca and it is very beautiful i always want to go back but as soon as i look at the rent and other living costs i nearly faint. im just begging to live my life as an adult and for right now i want to take it easy without any economical stress. portland has very nice apartments for the price once compared to ca in general! im pretty much liking this weather i love the rain, and not so much sunshine is great for me since i spend most of the time walking around superhigh i dont have to worry about the sun being in my dam eyes. it just bothers me when im high and have to keep squinting. i think im gonnna fit in very well here(not with the people, i seriously am a lonely stoner). i like being in nice clean air all the time i feel much healthier and i feel as if i could live a little longer breathing in fresh air rather than ca smog lol if anybody knows any outdoor activity spots like good hiking, dunes, fishing,near se portland, anything at all please let me know as i am an outdoors person.
  16. dam you a beast lol im only 5'6 and 165 pounds.

    thats very true the coloumbia river for fishing is grea, mount hood for snowboarding seems tight i missed out on it this winter, i havent visited crater lake but it looks amazing. im planning a trip to go camping by myself take a bunch of bud and enjoy mother nature at its finest. i think that many people have just got stuck too much to technology that the dont see what the world has to offer. And in oregon theres so many things you can do if you just explore. when i look at the map oregon is the greenest state i see. i love the wilderness and am very happy to b here.
  17. Actually Mt. Hood is one of the few places that has almost year round snowboarding at Timberline!

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