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Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. what is going on?
  2. ...umm...its goin good..?...ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  3. He can cause he's the Ice Cream Man!!!

  4. what is going on? [/QUOTE]

    lol aw, I was on the phone with my brother, and hes going fucking nuts about something, I dunno exactly what it was at first..here he goes scaring the living nightlights outta my already dimmed out head, all upset and saying how its crazy in portland, shits going down..well here I am, WORRIED out of my head, just surfing the net, minding the tv and the WAR news..thinking the worst possible things that they bombed us in OR. and finally barely coherent, he scrambles for the words, 'they are protesting' 4 miles from his apartment. I wanted to rip him a new one. NO shit, people are protesting everywhere! he made me think the worst possible things and I almost lost it. I havent talked to him since he pissed me off that night..lol, but thats what THAT was all about. anyway, I hear its beautifil there.

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  5. Yeah, I hear it's beautiful there too. Wanna go on a cross country road trip, Sensi???
  6. On the road with a band I went to Coos? Bay and it was extremely beautiful. We went to a scenic view that looked very similar to that pic. Truly awesome!

  7. YES! YES! YES! im all about the YES! ;)
  8. We may have to plan it then. I'm going on a few road trips this summer and hell...cross country would kick royal ass!!!

    So, YES YES YES sounds damn good to me!

  9. yeah coos bay is a pretty nice town, I like to go camping out there

    HB, I used to travel back and forth between the two, I was a distributor driver for the Eugene Weekly Magazine and my route was up in p-town so i was always up there...but my route got switched to a downtown eugene route so im not up in portland anymore...But i havent been able to switch location info since it got screwe dup a long ass time ago..
  10. My GF and I live here in Portland and its not to bad the protesting didnt disrupt my life save for hereing that the freeway was a bit slower. In a few monthes I have an inlaw comming into town and we are renting a beachhouse in Coos Bay. Maybe I can do some explorin. :)


  11. Plan that shit my way I'll t ake your asses down to the river and we'll get the smoke on ;)

  12. aw, my favorite!
    right on the water, my head floating in the clouds, my body floating on the water...sounds like a gooood time! :D
  13. You won't even know untill you come here. It's so beautiful here in the summer, Nothin but mountains, rivers, sky, and green-ness. It's the best.
  14. Id love to see the west coast. especially Oregon. my brother thinks hes only going to be out there a little while longer..Ive been really thinking about trying to get out there..cash flow is a little tight right now though..so I have to play it by ear..he tells me stories and sends endless pics of the beautiful landscapes. he bought a high quality digi when he got out there after his first day of seeing all the beauty!
  15. Well, no hurry i'll be here. *hopefully, knockson wood*

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