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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by reidale, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Hi everybody, my name is Alex. I live in Portland, OR, where I go to school. I originally come from Fort Collins, CO. It was a really laid-back town in terms of blazing. My friends and I were able to get away with a lot of smoking in places we probably shouldn't have haha. We got a lot of homegrown sativas/indicas; pretty evenly split between indoor and outdoor. Fort Collins "high" lights were NL5, Sour D and Grapefruit. Coming to Portland was cool because I heard it had a reputation for being a very lax city. So far it's been good. I got a bag of outdoor indica, it was so-so in terms of quality (it was also the fruit of a sketchy and spur-of-the-moment deal so I didn't have high hopes anyway). I also just purchased a bag of indoor Lavender, which looks pretty good. So if anyone is in southeast Portland and looking for someone to chill with, hit me up.
  2. I'm from Eugene. Oregon representin :)
  3. I'm in Portland, and a card holder. Thanks for posting, I need some pals. WCB :wave:
  4. im in portland. im n north portland tho. we shouldent be 2 far away

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