Portable Vapes?

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  1. Are Portable Vaporizers any good? Are they even close to being equivalent to Regular Vaporizers?
  2. dunno but the guy at the head shop last week said it was awesome. its an ion or something, i dont remember tbh.
  3. dude check out the Magic Flight Launch Box


    just ordered mine, some of the reviews are awesome...
  4. :)

    The Launch Box is my primary vape...


  5. Dude what batteries do you use to make it last long because the ONLY thing holding me back off ordering one is apparently the battery life with standard AA Batteries is terrible. :confused:
  6. it ships with rechargeables and a charger.

    you can buy 15min chargers and more powerful batteries for it.

    im in the research phase of buying this, ive read great things about it.
  7. I heard the 15 minute chargers ruin the unit, or the batteries. I would look into that just to make sure your doing everything correct.
  8. Same man, im hoping to order one tonight i'll post a review once i've received it and had a day to get to know it, know where the cheapest place to get it is? I'm in the UK but fine with it being imported as long as i know im gonna get it, Its $90.00 on BlissSville and they seem to be Magic Flights official distributor but i couldve sworn ive seen it for around $70.00 before :confused:
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    The batteries just dont last as long because they're being put under more stress(heat) than they would if they were charged over 2 hours.

    I just got my Magic flight after 2 days from ordering it, and I'm in love with the thing. One battery lasts about 2 medium size trenches and I get VERY stoned off one trench (or nicely toasted off half).

    It's basically the ultimate portable vape. Super small, noiseless, doesn't look like a pipe, makes no smell, but gets you super medicated.

    I think they raised the price because they're going to include mini grinders, reusable storage tins, and upgrade the included batteries/chargers. Either way, it's still cheap compared to other portable vapes and works better (imo). Your best best is to order it from either vapeworld.com or blisssville.com (dont buy the launch tube-thats a beta type).

    Buy one!!!
  10. ya they raised the prices cause the company told all resellers to raise the price.
  11. Unlike the bogus lifetime warranty from VaporBros, MagicFlight has a total lifetime replacement warranty.
  12. recently i used the launch box for the first time, and i would have to say that it is great. i am fairly new to smoking, so i may not be the most accurate source, especially considering that i have only ever used bongs until now, but even so, i still consider the launch box the best smoking experience that i have had to this point. though there are a few downsides to using it, i fell that they are 100% outweighed by the upsides. for the cons: the batteries take a while to charge, but only last for a short time, you need to inhale more times than you would a bong to achieve a comparable high (though less of the actual herb is used), and the high that you get is slightly different than that of a bong high, which i find just a bit less enjoyable. the pros: it is impossibly small, there is basically no smell and the little that there is could not be identified as pot, it is much less expensive than other vapes, and it uses very little herb. this is only a short list of pros, but the list does continue. for anybody who likes to smoke, but who worries at all about getting caught, or who would like to smoke anywhere at any time, i would absolutely recommend the launch box to you. it is wonderful. 5 out of 5
  13. Great review. :hello:
  14. K thanks everybody for the help... the launch box seems pretty good from everything i have been reading, but can i get it in canada? and does anyone know any exacts on how long battery life lasts? Do you use it once and then have to recharge the battery? and is it practical for blazing with friends?

  15. battery lasts 4-5 mins per charge. but it only takes like 15 secs for a hit
  16. The battery actually lasted sligtly shorter for me. Yes I would say it can be practical for use with friends. Four of us smoked about half a gram and we were all pretty high. The only thing is, you may need to take short breaks between people. The box actually limits how fast you can inhale due to the small intake hole. This results in really long hits which cause the box to get too hot at times. When this happens, you need to let it cool for a minute or so, as not to burn the herb, or break the box, which can happen if it stays too hot for too long. On the whole I would say if you have lots of people go with something else since the batteries may not last, but if it's only a few people, it's great
  17. Yeah. Sounds like the Iolite would be a better choice as a portable party vape. Don't know though. Haven't tried to hit it back to back 5 to 6 times yet. It may not be able to hold the heat well.

    That's one of the reasons why bag vapes make such great party vapes.

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