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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Greatbud, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Im looking for the best pen style vape for flowers only. I've been looking at the pulsar 7 and the vega vape if anyone knows any thing about these or has a better suggestion please let me know.
  2. There really aren't any good pen style vapes for flowers only. If you're looking for small herb vapes - there's a few, but most of the pens I've seen are crap.

    The Thermovape is the only quality one, and well...it's a bit larger than a pen, but it may be right up your ally.

    MFLB is famous for being the stealthiest, smallest herb vape - but I'm sure you've seen that plenty of times already, and like me decided to pass on it.

    The new Pax by Ploom looks extremely small, with a decent sized chamber to carry around your herb - might be worth looking into.

    Most decent pens are much better for oils, or pre-bought cartridges.
  3. As well I am waiting on the arrival of my new inhalater which is also a possible fit for you.
  4. The Pax is looking to be the next best portable vape to me.

    Puffit looks good too for a lower price.

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