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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Portable-Solar-Generator-5000-10000Watts-41-AMPS_W0QQitemZ6031335507QQcategoryZ3240QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    I am not advertising but I have an idea. The link on top is for a 5000watt portable solar generator . I wanted to buy this for so long but it is not on sale no more.
    When I was interested I was contacting the seller back and fourth with questions about it like can it run a 750 watts HPS light and how long , stuff like that.
    This solar generator can save alot of electricy and money on bill.
    Anyways the seller contacted me back and he was interested on making a model for growers only.

    EMAIL #1
    I was wondering what kind of solar generator would i need to run a 750W Grow Light System.
    And in that case I'm planning to run around four of those lights for my green house.  
    TK in Advance 
    Responding to EMAIL #1

    Thanks for your  interest, I have just a couple of questions to be able to give you a
    complete answer.
      When will you be operating the grow lights?  Will it be  24 hours at a time 7 days a
     week?  Or will it be just during the day or during the night?  That will make a difference 
     on the configuration and of course the expense. We are very interested in this grower
     market, and would be willing to put together a special deal in order to get a reference. 
    Where are you located, because hours of daylight may also be a factor.
      Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to being of service.
    Email #2

    I will be operating the grow lights during the spring and summer.  If not 24  hours a day I
     would perfer at least 18 hours a day.  It would be operating during the daytime and
    I own some houses in the  Los Angeles County area in California, 
    but currently staying in  Pasadena to be exact.

    Yea i had to make up some BS to make me sound professional but if your interested
    more about solar generator pls respond and ill keep you up to date about it.

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