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Portable Gravity/bong...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bi-Polar_smoker, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. this was already posted by me in lungs....buthere it is again so everyone could see it...

    I have a method for making a portable gravity/bong..


    stuff you need...

    1. a 2 liter bottle..

    2. a big socket (from socket wrench..) if your's a portable bowl hence portable gravity/

    you can really use anything you want..just make a bowl..

    3.a bread bag..or any other bag....your choice

    4. buds

    as you could don't need much to make this great bong..if you already know this method..sorry..some don'


    1. cut the 2 liter bottle a little less then a regular gravity..but cut alittle less off..

    2. take the 2 liter cap..get the socket/bowl...light the bottom of the socket...till it gets really hot....push it against the bottle cap till it's all the way through the a bowl..if not already, make air tight with your choice of materials. that you have your bowl....take the bag of your choice..and glue/tape the bread bag around the cut part..note..MAKE AIR TIGHT with glue/tape that the bag is securely on the have your portable gravity..


    puch the bread so it's inside of the 2 liter bottle..(always attached to the cut part..just pushed in)

    light your bud in the bowl....and slowly..very slowly pull the bag out of the two liter bottle....Your left with a bag full of highly potent smoke..twist off the cap..and inhale...THIS TAKES VERY BIG RIPPS...NOT FOR THE WEAK AT

    well I'm blazed..didn't mean to post so much..but I think it's a great Idea and everyone should at least try it..

    Happy smokin

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