Portable Gravity Bong, ideas?

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  1. i apologize for posting this again, i posted in another forum and think it might have been rejected by a moderator. idk, im new to this forum lol. cut m a little slack please.

    but anyways, ever since i cut up a 2liter and filled a bucket with water ive loved the good ol' gravity bong. its to much of a hasel to set it up every time, and you cant really take it with u. i guess u coud take the 2liter and just find bucket.. but i wanna make something thats nice, decent quality and portable. im not makin some poormans bong thatll go bad after a week or two. im trying to make something that will last and get me very high for a long time. I drew up a simple diagram of what i had in mind, here it is

    Again, this is just a rough idea of what im thinking of. the only thing i dont have shown in there is im putting a stopper directly under the slide so that air can be pulled down, but wont blow back through and blow out the precious bowl. i have something for that from a gas mask, but how are the rest of my plans. is there something im not seeing here thats gonna make this not work? i just want some ideas, so if anybodys got any im all ears.

    one thing i am fairly happy with about this particular design is if u didnt get enough smoke from pulling it up, after its all the way back down, you can continue to hit it like a water pipe
  2. um dude, all you need is a bucket, and a two liter bottle, melt the cap out to fit a lug nut, and for portableness i just carry my cap and the lug nut. its not hard to find two liters or buckets.
  3. i know what your saying, and i did that for a long time. i just want to make something of quality, u know?

    i guess its more just that i want to be able to have something nice like this and be able to say i made it
  4. thats all unnecessary. all you need is a 1 liter or 2 liter bottle w.e you wanna carry around. get a little metal bowlpiece and slide from those cheesy plastic bongs. and heat it up enough to melt thru the cap and stick it thru. cut a clean hole about the size of a dime. but make sure you can cover it with your thumb. fill it up with water and cover the hole. light the bowl and release the hole. the water will rush out and suck air thru the bowl and itll fill up real nice and think. its simple and lasts a long time. presto the waterfall
  5. i was going to actually make a waterfall at first. it certainly is a lot easier to do, but you have to fill it back up every time. somewhat of a hasel.

    maybe this is a little unnecessary, but i dont care about that. if my plans work like im thinking they will and im pretty sure they will, then this will be very easy to use, little if no setup time. my mind is set that i want something like this.
  6. I use a cut bottle and a small portable igloo.
  7. oooh actually i saw a youtube video on how to make one a while back check it out
    so basically ill do it step by step for you

    1. get two nalgene bottles (or kockoffs your choice)
    2. get a garden hose flip valve that fits the mouth pieces on both nalgene's
    3. connect a bottle to each end of the valve giving enough distance to flip the lever.
    4. drill a small hole in the bottom of one of the bottles big enough for you stem/bowl combo(this is now the top half of your smoking device and will remain so until the day its done)
    5. top side up fill your nalgene with water(from the hole you drilled)
    6. place bowl/stem into said hole
    7. light the bowl of TOBACCO(remember kids this is for tobacco use only)& flip the lever simultaneously.
    8. when the top chamber fills with smoke and 0 water flip the lever shut
    9. take bowl/stem out and suck from the hole

    when you're ready to for another go flip the lever open and plug the hole then flip it over let it fill and close the valve..bam ready for round two!
  8. http://www.grasscity.com/img/products/vortex_bong_green_1.jpg
  9. that is a good idea peacetrain, its essentially like the gravity vortex

    i may change my design to make something like that, still am not quite sure yet tho
  10. yeah its basically a half price vortex
    you can make one for like 15-20 bucks if you buy knock off nalgenes.
    heres the video
    he explains everything pretty well and it gives you a good look at the beast

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrIAmgYTb5U"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  11. with the video, that definantly look a little more tempting because its a pretty solid design, and way easier to make. the only question i have is how do you inhale the smoke in? there must be a toke or something right?
  12. +Rep.
  13. i think he actually shows that near the end but i know he doesn't close the lever when he inhaled so that could be a part of it
  14. I actually made a tornado, only cheaper.

    All I used was:

    3x two liter bottles
    1x 3/4 pvc valve
    1x air hose chuck
    1x tube of silicone sealant
    Plenty of duct tape and electrical tape

    If you want details, just PM me. I'll make up some diagrams for you guys. :)
  15. oh, i see it now. he didnt close it because theres something like a toke on the valve.
  16. Hey, i have been using a portable gravity bong that i made for over half a year, and it is still in perfect condition. It requires no water, all you have to do is tape a large plastic bag on the bottom of the cutoff bottle. you pull the bag down to get the smoke, and when you inhale on the top the bag sucks back in. its super simple and u can bring it anywhere
  17. really all you need is a

    -small bottle w/ cap
    -big bottle!
    -glass bowl is nice:p

    and of course your smoking accessories.
  18. All you need to do is get one of the gallon water bottle jugs fill it up. Make sure you cut the bottle small enough to make it fit inside with the top closed. So when you done you just screw the top on. And its alot easier to make then the other ones.

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