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Pork Grease + Cannabis = ???

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PaperZonly, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I'm one of those people that save the grease after frying bacon, sausage, etc. and I use it a lot for cooking in different things. Like green beans, cornbread, basically anything you would use it for to season up a veggie medley or a pan of fresh cut squash. I'm wondering if this is higher in fat content than just plain butter? Enough to make a difference? If it is than would you be getting more absorption from your cannabis to the pork fat? Also, If that were the case could the regular amount used (which is small, maybe 1-2 tsp for a pot of beans serving 2-3 ppl) be used, and still feel the effects of an edible?
  2. I honestly don't know but I hope someone does that sounds bomb. But i don't see why it wouldn't work
  3. Sounds like a great and tasty idea! I would think its not as much fat though:(. Unless you just go out and buy the fattiest meat you can find, but there would be no way to get an exact percentage.

  4. apparently there is a exact percentage...
    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Animal fat, bacon grease

    Just googled that for you ;) was easy.
  5. op did you have bacon this morning?? :D;)
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    The milk-fat from cows is unique as far as animal fat goes, in that it contains small and medium-chain triglycerides.

    But actual pork or beef fat, however, contains primarily long-chain triglycerides, which are absorbed lymphatically rather than through the portal vein and liver, and severely limit the potency/potential and liver conversion (from D9-THC, to the 3 - 5 x's more powerful 11-OH-THC), and only half of less of its fat content is made up of saturated fat.
    These fats are not the kind of 'edible solvents' we're looking for, where cannabis glandular material is concerned these lesser fats become over-saturated with potency earlier, from much less material, meaning they are also not capable of holding as much bioavailable potency, as a higher quality oil source.

    In other words, most animal fat is 1.) not great at breaking down cannabis glandular material, and 2.) the oil itself is not great for being absorbed properly, in the right areas of the tract, and what potency it does manage to contain in a solution, won't be used by the body as efficiently as it could be.

    If you're going to use an animal fat, in order to keep in line with a traditional recipe, then you should at least substitute 30% - 50% of it for coconut oil, or worst case scenario, clarified butter.

    But ideally, you should be using all coconut oil or butter for the canna, and you should just make it concentrated enough, that you can use it in addition to an unadulterated animal fat, if necessary or required by the recipe.

    When working with lesser fats, instead of a quality oil source, I no longer consider the items produced with the oil 'medibles', but instead, I consider them 'gourmedibles'...

    In other words, you're sacrificing the full potential of your potency, to be 'fancy'. :) :p

    Just save your bacon grease, clarify it to remove traces of water, and the pork solids, and eventually with enough clarification, you have pure pork fat.

    From a previous thread....

    "It may interest you to know, that the bacon grease from the initial cooking is reserved, and clarified, in order to be blended with coconut oil and infused with hash, to make these [​IMG]


    Hope this helps! [​IMG] "
  7. You... my friend, are a genius in the edibles dept. I had my first positive experience with a firecracker today. I've tried it before and had no effects, but today i decarbed my bud before baking the firecracker and it worked like a charm. I ate it at 12:30 today, and its now 530, feels like its been 12 hrs. So im interested in new edibles now.

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