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  1. From what I understand, the deliciously addicting and mellowing drug opium is made with the Poppy Plant.

    I was wondering if anybody knew of any difficulties in growing, and then turning the plant (however it may be done I'm not sure), into Opium?

    Around my area some Opium would be real rare, and so definetly worth growing if I could. Any ideas / comments on this?
  2. Making opium from proper papaver somniferums (sp) grown correctly is not difficult. If you're thinking about doing it indoors, I dont know much about it, but I know its too late in the season to do it in NH outdoors now
  3. I hear they are rediculously easy to care for and spread like wildfire. And as far as making opium. All you do it scratch a patch on the pod and wait for it to seep a white liquid. After the liquid turns black, scrape it off the pod and smoke! My neighbor had some poppie which I did this too, haha. It wasn't strong though, I don't think it was papaver somniferum though (the poppy plant you want). Couldn't really tell ya much else. Don't know how well they grow under artificial light.
  4. Where exactly do I find this specific poppy?

    Will it be something I will need to order online, or is it legal here in the US and readily available for me to buy at any gardening store / home depot?
  5. Is it at all possible to use red poppies (like flanders fields type) instead of the traditional opium variety? If so i would assume the potency would be less?
  6. its very illegal... go for it
  7. First off let me dis-spell the myth that growing poppies is illegal. growing poppies is legal it is the processing of the pods into opium which is illegal. if this was true poppy seed muffins would probably cost a fortune.

    opium comes from papaver somniferum only. most of the other poppies around (by the highway, in wildflower mixes) are himalayan and icelandic poppies which are not used for opium and are usually red and smaller. opium poppy pods also are used in the floral industry as decorative dried flowers. seeds are easy to find and most landscape centers will carry them. ebay is a good source for seeds as a lot of old ladies love growing poppies and collect different hybrids and variants for the diverse colors. as long as the species is listed as somniferum you will be fine........



    i guess a BS in plant biology taught me something at least.....:D

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