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  1. anyone else here do poppers? as far as i know its a canadian thing(ive never seen it done in the us) if you dont know its just a bong with out a bowl on it, and you stuff the tip of a cig in the downstem, and then stuff weed in on top of that, you pull it slow until the weed is compleatly cherried and then you pull it all through. The cig is there because the nicotine gets vaporized when you are burning the weed, so you get a very intense head rush, followed by a weed high in under a minute. The nicotine sends more oxygen to your brain which is the reason for the head rush, and beacuse of this the thc is absorbed much faster and you get a strong head high

    so anyone else here pop the poppers?
  2. well when we smoke me and my homie smoke "ZORBS" which is just weed and tobacco in the bong bowl, stupid name I know but it's kinda funny lol
  3. nah that doesnt really do the same thing, it doesnt really work if the tabocco and weed are mixed together
  4. theres no way nicotine sends more ovugen to your brain. And head rushes come from lack of oxygen.....
  5. alright maybe so, but either way it still gets the weed high to come on a lot faster and more intense, it just doesnt last as long
  6. yea i do the same as Ronzlo but i put a little layer of tobacco then put the bud on top so its not mixed and ripe the whole thing....kinda the same but i dont pull it through...i love them and i only smoke them unless my friends want to pack a bowl.....poppers get you soooo ripped and save on bud alot...wish i was a canadian....u guys rule haha

  7. uh from reading what you said originally yeah, it does, your inhaling tobacco and weed smoke at the same time whether they're mixed or on top of one another
  8. Yep just popped one :D.

    Happy Toking.
  9. tobacco in a bong..... wtf?
  10. I used to use the name Hellbent on many forums before I switched to this name. I'm also really high and sat here for a min going. "Hey I didn't make a new thread....."

  11. all my buddies do. i dont smoke cigs thow so there awful for me. northern ontario alot of people do actualy come to think of it
  12. I love poppers. Anybody know of a way to make a popper mask? I use a baby bottle to inhale. It is better than the bottle the poppers come in. It allows both nostrils to inhale at same time. Boy do I get high. Looking to make a mask where I breath in the poppers.

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