Poppers Are So Bad

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  1. In Ontario here i know so many people who are addicted to smoking poppers. For those that dont know, a popper is a way of hitting a bong where a straight metal tube/shaft is used instead of a bowlpiece. it consists of a cigarette cut of a quarter inch or so packed in the tube, and then stamping grinded weed on top. most people i know who smoke them quickly get addicted because of the nicotine, and the fiends will smoke anywhere from 15-30 of these "poppers" a day. I know people who have had collapsed lungs because of poppers, and my friends and I regularly threw up blood when we smoked Ps heavily. These things will really damage your lungs and could give you heart problems. Just posting this so hopefully at least one person will steer clear of mixing weed with cigarette tobacco. :smoking:

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  2. Moderation, my friend.
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  3. Why ruin your weed by mixing it with CIGGARETTE TOBACCO?! I could maybe understand some high quality stuff... but ciggarette tobacco?
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  4. I gotta deal with the same thing living in Ontario. First post btw, just turned 18 a few weeks ago.
    Ive hit a few poppers back when I was in like grade 10 (senior now). But I can honestly say never again. I never liked them and always disliked cigarettes in general unlike many. The tobacco just makes me unable to taste my great tasting herb, while ruining the high (for me) and makes it so damn harsh. I wont even smoke weed in a bong that's normally used for poppers, even if its not dirty as fuck which it usually is.
    But with stating my opinion, I should also say do what the hell you want, a lot of my friends love poppers and I'm talking no disrespect to people who do, but I just hate it when I see those kids that just absolutely FIEND them. Like they cant smoke weed without a cig. Some of my friends that toke poppers all the time are even trying to quit them because they just ravage the lungs, and they know it. Another thing that Ive noticed is that a lot of people around here toke their poppers too fast or torching them too much, wasting thc either from too much bowl torching, or pulling it through before all the green is burnt.
  5. I used to take straight tobacco bong rips and get the craziest head buzz ever. I only developed a nasty cough that has since disappeared after I stopped. I didn't get addicted to them. Seems difficult to believe someone would get addicted to them in any time shorter than over half a year.
  6. First off I would never smoke any part of a cigarette through a bong it's common sense, kids now days are idiots! 
  7. Yes, were idiots for using a piece what is meant to be used for...
  8. They were never intended for tobacco it's called a gray area for legal sales of water pipes, again I have never smoked tobacco out of a water pipe and never will, now a hookah is a different story.
    Let's just unravel cigars and pack our bowls why were at it! 
  9. Ever heard of pipe tobacco? whats that used for?
  10. good to hear someone can relate....ya this shit is like the plaque here in small town ontario. Me and my 2 friends were pretty bad (10 or so a day on average), but there were kids at our school who smoked at least 20-25 a day. Really a shame to see so few kids stick to straight green happy i made the switch though. And yeah i see kids do that and waste weed, especially the ones just getting into Ps who use small batch pieces. By the way what cigs do kids use there for batch? 'round here EVERYONE uses pall mall blues or reds. except for one chick who uses dumos lol
  11. Good for you switchin tobacco free, Im sure your lungs will thank you. And I don't know much about cigarette brands but ive heard my friend say export As are the best for poppers cause theyre "strong" but some kids will always use dirty res butts (cheapest smokes) for poppers and the more expensive cigs to smoke, cause theyre too cheap to just get expensive ones lol. And yes such a shame that this is such an epidemic around here, like its crazy.
    But yea, I'm never touching tobacco again, except the occasional blunt. I usually vape my weed nowadays so I guess that's why I dislike poppers so much, its like the opposite.
  12. yeah they already have thanks. true ive smoked the green exports a few times, only the stubby sized smaller ones tho, i dont even know if they come in king size? haha yeah that was like me i went thru a pack of pall mall blues for poppers and a pack of dumarier blue distincts to smoke or so per week. Yep i weaned myself off ps after about a year by smoking bowls with a little batch in them. Now i smoke green bowls and zig zags. Vapes are sick respects i hit my buddies volcanoe a lot when we shoot haps or chill and spit rhymes
  13. Why the fuck would you put ciggarette tobacco in a bong? If you wanna smoke damn tobacco out of a BONG, get some decent non chemical filled shit from a headshop.
  14. Where I live they are called Yhatties and you actually do get addicted to them. I've popped a couple and they are awesome because they get you so high but I don't want to fiend out for weed. For example, my ex-girlfriend was a yhattie FIEND, a couple yhatties before class (when she actually went), again at recess, even more at lunch, some when we would go out after school, and even more after that. If we would go smoke a joint I would be a little bit high and she would be sober as a judge because her tolerance was through the roof. Cool chick though hahaha
  15. For a small hand pipe or to roll in a cigarette you idiot not to be smoked out of a foot tall glass bong haha, what a dumbass! 
  16. Doing poppers on recess and lunch wtf kind of school are you going too!
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    Finally someone with common sense!
  18. thats sounds absolutely disgusting - 15-30 times a day?!?! lol
    when I first smoked weed I was wrongly told you mixed tobacco with it in the bong (about 70% weed 30% tobacco) and it was the worst experience of my life I spent the night shaking and spinning feeling really sick. I can't imagine getting addicted to that shit, or even smoking enough of it to the point of addiction.
    fuck that
    It's because they're addicted man. Nobody wants to smoke tobacco.
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  20. I can't even inhale tobacco, I hate the taste, it makes me gag. I couldn't imagine holding it in with a hit of weed too, I'd puke.

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