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Popcorn Kush

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by TYRELHAHA, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Has anyone heard of popcorn kush? My buddy said he can get that or ak47

  2. I got some popcorn kush from my dealer on 4/20. If it's the same stuff I had then it's definitely worth it. It broke apart so easily I thought it was all shake at first and I was kinda disappointed. But then I pulled a nug out and it just fell apart and it smelled sooooo good. But hey, ak47 is always a good choice too.
  3. ill have to try some im just waitin for a while before i get a new job
  4. check'em both out and see which one you think looks better, that's what i'd do. Or if you have enough money get a little bit of both :hello:
  5. 'Popcorn' generally refers to small nugs, mostly from the bottom of the plant. If there's a real strain called 'Popcorn Kush' then I've not run across it, but that's not a surprise because strain names have gotten way out of hand.

    It probably means small buds of Kush. Smoke wise they are just as good as big buds of Kush.
  6. alright cool i was thinkin someone just made it up or something
  7. just when i thought i've heard of every possible "something" kush.. they come out with a new one :laughing:
  8. yo ive got some dank ass Super Silver Cheeto BC Haze Kush for you

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