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Poopsmith's various poopy dank Canadian buds *Brand new pics! Amazing dank macros!*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by poopsmith, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. #1 poopsmith, Nov 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, 2010
    EDIT: I am fixing the Photobucket pictures as you read this! so just chill theyre almost back up haha

    hey whats up all, i'm a newish user here but a long time toker :p I live in Toronto, Canada, and all the buds you are about to see cost me $10/g or less, depending on the amount i grabbed. i grab reasonably often, so this thread will get updated often

    Orange Kush nugs:

    Lemon Hash Plant:

    Some Outdoor Purple:

    Unknown KB:

    "Northern Lights" (quotes because i don't think its real NL, but it was still damn dank lol):

    more to come when i get my pic stash off of my desktop, i'm on my laptop right now lol
  2. nice looking buds dude what do zips go for of shit like that?
  3. most i ever paid was $230 Canadian, but thats because i'm kinda tight with my dealer. for anyone else a zip of danky dank will run maybe point for point at max, so like 280.

    I like Canada :D:hello:
  4. mmm canadian bud
    nice lookin green dude
    the "northern lights" and the orange kush look tasty!
  5. damn dude i wish it was like that down here
  6. Grass city really needs to consider making a different section for Canadian pickups. Everytime I see some nug from Canada I want to bawl my eyes out cause its so cheap. Makes me so jealous hahaha :)

    Nice buds though, all that shit except for the outdoor goes for 30/60 here. And you cant find an ounce for less than 400 unless you know the dealer.
  7. great looking bud! i need to stumble across some of that , what part of toronto are you in?
  8. East York/leaside area myself, you in TO too?
  9. #9 poopsmith, Nov 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 17, 2009
    more pics from my desktop lol

    Lemon Kush (looks a little brown in certain parts, but it was sooooo sticky and potent, maybe just got left out *little* too long):

    Can't remember :p EDIT: Ohhh yeah it was Blueberry Kush, i remember now haha

    White Ryno, one time i was complaining my tolerance was so high, me and this chick rolled up a j of it and i was like an asian with down syndrome haha

    Unknown Fire:

    OG Kush (taken with my old camera lol):

    more to come with more pickups/me finding more pics ive taken lol
  10. i've laughed more while reading this thread than i have all day.

    "the poopsmith" and "i was like an asian with down syndrome" got me pretty good.

    nice buds man
  11. Good looking bud from toronto man. Yeh prices of oz around gta-south ontario are like 240-320 for ounces. Usually 280-290 for the best of the best.
  12. Great buds man you must have some tasty salad bowls!
  13. lmao thanks guys, not been able to update this thread like i thought, i'm kinda in the middle of uni exams/finals hehe :( so yeah i havent picked anything up recently, but expect more soon! :p:
  14. #15 poopsmith, Nov 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 17, 2009
    some more pics so yall dont lose interest lol

    More Lemon Hash Plant

    More Orange Kush:

    can't wait to see what's next :hello: :smoke:
  15. Wow, wonderful pictures! :hello:
  16. lmao I don't want to scare you or anything but the bud we grab is extremely similar in look. It's definitely from the same batches if not the same distributor.

    I've noticed a lot of similar bud from Toronto on GC lately, haha!
  17. #18 poopsmith, Dec 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 17, 2009
    hey whats up all, long time no post for me haha ive been busy as fuck with school and shit, but my exams are over now! :D

    and sorry about the pics, i organized my photobucket cuz it was a fuckin mess haha, so i'll repost the pics today sometime :smoke:

    also gonna be picking up 4g of White Widow and 4g of Cali Orange today haha, will get pics when i have the bud :p

    i have a few new pics to share though:

    some bud that smells reeaalllll funky, didn't get the name, i was too drunk haha :p

    Some blueberry. At first i was like "blueberry eh, yeah right, ok whatever" type of hing haha, but it actually has a lil blue in it lol, so fair enough i guess. So dank that I didn't give a shit though haha :hippie:

    I couldn't capture how sick the bud looked in that huge nug, so i broke off a nuge:

    ground up reveals the dankness even more lol:

    Kief from that bud:

    and im pretty sure this is the same bud, but its a nice shot so here you go :p

    more to come today! and ill fix those pics too, cheers
  18. All these nugz are really great shit, but whoever your dealer is, you need to tell him to do a better trim job.

    Other than that shit's the shit.
  19. lol i know eh lots of the shit i get is pretty leafy, but still the leaves are dank haha :smoke:

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