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  1. So I was thinking about what my first car would be, and how I would treat it in terms of upgrades and such and I thought bout the 5.0 93 Fox Body Stangs. Or atleast an 88-93 Pony, don't matter(I like both the hatch and coupe) so it's fair game. But I wanted to ask somebody who KNOWS this information, not one of you guys who just speculate because this is most likely my future car and I would appreciate honesty on this type of thing.

    With that being said, how would a Pony do as a daily driver? Whats the GM like in the city, what would be the most ideal kind of set-up to maximize the performance and also fuel consumption? I'd appreciate any general knowledge on this car, even if it's advice I heard before, yours is always welcome(my above disclaimer is still in place tho:devious:)

  2. Hey man I don't know much about those style of mustangs but there's a guy on the forum who I think knows his stuff pretty good I'll shoot him a pm and send him this way.

  3. Honda civic

    If you maximize performance, you will also maximize the fuel consumption. Or do you mean better MPG? if so choose one.

  4. Anything German or Japanese.

    Avoid American cars at all costs.
  5. I have an 89 5 speed and i love it if i baby it i can get 18-20 MPG in the city. They sound amazing and are super cheap to upgrade and have tons of potential since they are lighter.

    all in all its a great car, fast, cheap, easy to upgrade and sounds amazing with the right stuff. Also all upgrades increase your HP and MPG until you up the fuel system or start replacing engine parts.
  6. :metal:Get the right exhaust to keep it quiet but flow, plain jane on the exterior, throw some decent pistons and bottom end in it and spray the shit out of it!!! You'll be able to go out and hurt the feelings of a lot of ppl in "nicer" cars maybe even a few corvettes :D
  7. That's what I like to hear! I plan on getting a bike for the summer soon and then work my way up to the pony once I start my apprenticeship!
  8. MSabre, increasing performance can certainly increase fuel economy.

    For example, a guy at my school rebuilt the V6 out of a base model Firebird. Put a cam in it, and set compression at I think 13:1, made some trade secret magic, and BAM, 40 (!!!) MPG highway. I can't even come CLOSE to that with my 4-cylinder. I honestly would not have believed him if I hadn't done the calculation myself. Oh yeah, and it made a healthy 400HP.
  9. Oh yeah, and OP, when you get your Stang, bring your questions here. There's some really on-the-ball peeps up in this bitch. And stay away from LS1tech and the mustang boards. Rampant with idiots.

  10. Yeah they tend to give ppl who don't known much about cars a pretty hard time to say the least:rolleyes:
  11. lol I was actually intending on doing that but I'll stray from it. My first problem of course is, Hatch or Coupe? heh I know it's just looks but honestly, they both look great and I can see ways to make both look nice but it's a dilemma of mine.
  12. I love hatches, but I have a friend with a coupe and they're really pretty much the same car. The hatch doesn't even really add that much space.

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