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  1. Recently Ive been thinking about this. We put ourselves above "animals" like we are a totally different thing but we really arent. We (humans) are animals just like a dog or a car is an animal. Humans arent even close to being the first species/living thing to inhabit the earth. We adapted quicker, developed language and I think just became the top of the food chain.

    Sorry if that doesnt make any sense, im quite stoned :smoke:

    So when Eve ate the apple from the tree and then God created sin or w/e, Doesnt that mean God's creation was imperfect?

    If you go faster than the speed of light and turn around you see something as it was/ not at its current state. So what if you traveled faster than the speed of light for whatever amount of time, looked back would you be able to see the creation of the universe? Since that gave off light, is that light STILL traveling somewhere?
  2. Humans often tend to think that we are a unique species and that we are so different in some transcendental way. While humans have certainly invented some cool stuff and can do some amazing things, there really isn't that much phyiscal difference between primates. Furthermore, some animals exhibit remarkably similar social behavior to that of human societies.

    You're exactly right about the speed of light and being able to see back in time. Modern telescopes can see so far (in terms of distance) that they are essentially looking at light thats only just now reached us from far away stars. Check out this brief article for a little bit more explanation: Telescopes May See the Big Bang

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