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  1. Hey guys,

    I was wondering what everyones opinion or experiences are with ghosts. I've recently moved house (about a month ago) and my girlfriend has slept every night for 2 and a half weeks. On the first few nights we found a bruise on the top of her right thigh. It was quite a bad bruise but we just shrugged it off because it could just be her walking into something at work. A day or two later i found what appeared to be a grab mark on the back of her arm (the arm that is on the edge of the bed). This freaked me out a little bit because to me it looks like something with 2 fingers (i know, lol) has tried to drag her by her arm and it was a really obvious mark. I was joking around (we've all seen paranormal activity) and started hurling abuse laid in bed, the next day she woke me up because my foot rubbed hers and she it was hurting so we checked it out and there was a mark on her foot. The only way i can describe it is like a burn, it's about 3 inches long and took the top layer of skin off. This is when i started to freak out a bit and hurling more abuse, trying to rile it up and tell it to do shit constantly (probably not the best idea but i can't help it out of curiosity). Over the course of the 2 and a half weeks shes had at least 8 different bruises and scratches on various parts of her body and the burn on her foot. Tonight we were laid in bed and she suddenly just went, "OUCH" and she has a huge scratch on her thigh with a bruise and a redmark around it. I was hurling abuse again (lol -.-) and about 5 minutes later the volume on my speakers shot up (i mean full blast from barely hearable).

    I'm pretty creeped out, our whole street is apparently in a book about haunted places in our town and wierd shit is happening. My mum has had her bed shaking in the night (but only when my girlfriend isn't here). I'm convinced this is some demon that only does shit to females because when i was on my own when we first moved in, it was only my mum that shit happened to. But since my girlfriend has been sleeping nothing has happened to my mum. The other wierd thing is the house was in a semi decorated state when we moved in like the previous tenants left in a hurry (they were all girls sharing the house). I've tried to find them on facebook to ask them if any wierd shit went down but i've not had any luck finding them. When we first moved in my friend who i live with was washing the dishes and there was a cigarette bud on the side, he threw it out of the window and when he turned around it was there again.

    I've tried to beg her to let me put the nightvision cam on but she says if something happens on film she won't sleep her again (lol). So yeah that's my story. Let me know if you agree or just think i'm crazy and it's all just coincidence.
  2. That actually doesn't sound like a poltergeist. Usually a poltergeist will show up in a house with a pubescent girl. It's more of a stuff moving type of haunting than scratches and bruises.

    I highly recommend looking for a good paranormal group in your area, and/or asking your pastor or priest to come out and bless the house. If it is an inhuman, acknowledging it by doing an investigation on your own could make things worse.
  3. I'm no expert on ghosts if such a title could be lent to any person.

    I'm very skeptical of all things paranormal despite early life experiences with 'ghosts'. Some people believe and I believe poltergeists to be the manifestation of a stressed out and over worked mind.

    Some ghostly encounters can be attributed to Carbon Monoxide poisoning in old house. Are you having headaches, feeling depressed, hallucinating?

    My great grandpa had a ghost problem and instead of abusing it like you did he walked into the room in question, slammed his foot on the ground and demanded the ghost accept death and leave his family alone. He was a 6 foot tall Norwegian man who worked as a tug boat captain so you might need to call ghost busters or something man.

    Good luck though. Experiences like this are unsettling and stressful especially when it focuses on key people and ignores others. Try to remain open minded to the victims even if you don't necessarily accept it as truth because accusing them of being mistaken often causes their personal stress in this situation to become worse and perhaps make the problem worse.
  4. There are a lot of things that can cause haunting like problems. EMF levels being too high, chemical fumes, illnesses, etc. One thing to try is setting up a video camera with night vision in the bedroom. I really recommend finding a good paranormal group. Most don't charge, they'll look for other issues like the emf levels, etc. On the off chance it is an inhuman haunting though, they're the best way to go.
  5. What else could it be? The only paranormal 'thing' i know of that attacks people are poltergeists. I've always been skeptical of paranormal investigation teams and psychics as they just seem rediculously obvious. If something further happens i might look into the priest options, however, i also have no religious beliefs whatsoever so i'm skeptical about that too.

    It's definitely not carbon monoxide as we have only recently had our boiler serviced (the last few days). The only things that have happened out of the ordinary are the bruises, scratches, burn mark and the volume going up. What happened to your great grampa after he ordered it out? Did it work? I know i shouldn't try to get 'it' angry but because i'm skeptical it's still kind of a joke to me until something really striking happens that can prove the marks are being caused by something unexplainable in my house. I'm very open minded though and she is the one telling me to leave it but curiosity gets the better of me and i want it to do something, i guess just to prove to myself that these 'things' do exist.
  6. Without being there and knowing everything, it's hard to say. Things like sleepwalking, bumping into things with your legs and not realizing. Taking aspirin can make you bruise easily, etc. Honestly, without actually being there, it's hard to say.

    Usually it might be one of these things when people have a 'haunting':

    -normal household noises (pipes, settling, leaky windows, etc.)
    -high electromagnetic fields in the house from appliances or fuse boxes
    -lower roofs or slanted floors giving the 'fun house' effect
    -sleep disorders
    -illnesses or medication that might cause paranoia, hallucinations, etc.
    -animals making noises, moving things, etc.

    That's why the camera might be useful. Set it up in the room, point it on your bed, and let it record all night. You may have to do it a few nights in a row to catch something, but it's worth it. I'd also keep a journal of what happened, and when. If you can, take pictures too. It can help you to figure out what is going on.

    Paranormal groups get a bad rap. Many are skeptics just like you, and they're interested in finding scientific evidence of any possible paranormal activity. They'll look for non-paranormal explanations first. Why not look at the groups in your area, and try the video and journal? At least if you do decide to go down that road, you have something for them to work off of.

    I just encourage you to not engage it if you do think it is possibly inhuman.
  7. dude ive had some crazy shit happen to me with ghosts before. be careful. i could have been killed/hurt pretty bad.
  8. It probably isn't a poltergeist.
    It could be a normal human/inhuman haunting, and it sounds like it isn't residual, because it is "scratching" and such.
    The next time anything happens, you NEED to take control. Make sure that you and your chick stop acting scared, because it can add fuel to the fire. Instead, stand up and say (loudly and firmly): "I live here. You do not. The year is 2010, and you are not alive anymore. Go into the light and find peace. If you refuse to leave, you will show respect to me, my property, and my guests!"
    I would also recommend cleansing your home. To do this, clean your house completely. I'm talking about getting rid of junk you don't use, cleaning cabinets, closets, etc. Sweep, vaccum, etc. Then go get yourself some sage (I prefer to use sage/ceder blend sticks). Follow instructions on this link: Use Of Sacred Sage
    If the activity increases or continues after you do this, contact your local Ghost Hunters/Paranormal Investigation group ASAP.
  9. Thanks for the serious replies guys, i was expecting a lot of laughing and such lol. I'm definitely going to setup a camera for a few nights and see what happens. My only worry is that if she catches me recording she'll freak the fuck out lol. I'd only consider seeking outside help in the event something serious happens or if i catch something freaky on the camera. I'm not really scared by the things that happen and i tend to make her scared by winding her up (a bit insensitive but i'm not a very serious type of person until i need to be). If i find something on the camera i'll upload it and let you guys make up your own minds :p
  10. Maybe just tell her that you want to make sure you aren't moving around too much at night and accidentally hitting or scratching her?
  11. Maybe I'm a stiff but I just don't believe in the super natural...I believe in what I can see and touch...if I did have a ghost I'd tell it to fuck off or I'd kick it's ass.
  12. take some EVP's man..... easy as shit if you have any sort of recording device and speakers that can play whatever is recorded loudly.... wont really tell you what it is, but it will for sure let you know if something is going down.... In my old house about 4 years ago or so when i lived with my parents, i was conviced either they were getting up at night and walking around in their sleep, or that it was haunted, which wasn't a big deal. So after a while i just figured i was hearing things or being high, the usual assumption to explain paranormal shit hahaha. Then my friend crashed on the couch one night when my parents were out of town, and the next morning he says something like "man i think your grandma stopped by and i scared the shit outta her" my natural response, being that by grandmom had passed 2 years before that, was WTF you talking about man.... Then he told me he say an old women with grey hair just staring at him from the top of the stairs.... I find out an old couple lived there before we did, the wife died.... the guy moved out, because she was fucking haunting his ass.... I turned 18, moved my ass out, and havent dealt with any of that nonsense ever sense
  13. Yeah it worked.
  14. fixed.

    and i think its time to call the ghostbusters.

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