Pollinate PART of a female?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GumDispenser, Feb 10, 2009.

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    i got 6 plants going, no more seeds.

    I wish to make a few extra seeds, but I dont need a full plant of seeds.

    is it risky/hard to pollinate a couple of buds and get plenty of seeds?

    Would there be plenty of THC left in the unpollinated buds?

    How many seeds would I get per bud?
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  3. Need pollen to pollinate *
  4. Fertilizer doesn't make pollen...................
  5. Yeah pollinate.

    I'll get the pollen from whatever male I get. If I dont have any males... well, too bad, I'll clone clone clone.
  6. Hey bro - do this!

    Clone those ladies, so you can keep the strain going. Take 1 of the clones and 'light shock' it during the flowering phase. In other words, pull it out of the dark period for 24hrs and let it get that extra light...then back to normal 12/12, then freak her out again for 24hrs.

    This should cause her to hermi - thereby giving you not only seeds, but fem'd ones to boot. :)

  7. ohhhh ohhhhh??! oHHHH?!!!!! :-D

    So i dont even need to risk it with males?! SELF FEMINIZED? All seeds are female? woah

    I gotta do that. big time

    high 5

    then again I dont know if my seeds are autoflowering. I bought them from a seedbank, but they didnt say if its autoflowering or not.
  8. Has nothing to do with autoflowering... though that will certainly make the hermi interesting.

    If you flower her, putting her in 12/12, after about 3 weeks put her in 24hr light. I would do it again every 3-4 days...this'll totally whack out her hormones.

    Note: When/if she does hermi - she will spread pollen EVERYWHERE. So be prepared to either have seedy-weedy on all your ladies, or move her to another area to flower her separately.

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