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  1. Dear Community,

    I'm a beginner trying to learn new stuff so I have a couple of questions I hope some of you will find interest and time in answering.

    Short little history
    Okay, so I have a plant which is growing naturally in my apartment, it only get natural light from the sun, so no fancy-light/watering-systems here ;)

    So, I've noticed A LOT of these small pollen sacks I guess I could call them on one of my plants. I have taken three images with my cellphone which you can see below, I decided not to crop them as I want you to be able to zoom in and look.

    Images of plant/pollen sacks

    I hope it's clear too see what I was trying to focus on. But the entire plant is FULL of those, I sometimes pick off when I think there's too many of them.

    1. Is the plant useless because of all these pollen sacks?
    2. Do you advice me to pick them off whenever I can?
    3. Is there anything I should be cautious about?
    4. Is it safe to smoke, although there's pollen sacks in?

    Best Regards,
  2. The plant is useless as far as smoking. But, u could use the pollen to pollinate a fav female strain u like and get thousands of free seeds.

    ...otherwise, toss it b4 it pollinates ur other females.
  3. That was one quick response, did you wait for me to post a thread? *thumbs up*.

    Ah it saddens me to hear it's useless, because I have two more looking exactly like it, and it takes MONTHS to grow them this big with natural light and everything. My previous plant (the forum said it was a hermi), gave a little over 200 seeds so I have more than enough.

    Well, since the plant is useless I'm kinda forced to grow some new plants, this leads me to a off-topic question which I hope you'll be okay answering (considered the topic isn't related).

    Can you recommend some relatively small equipment to increase the plant's growing?

    - And thank you for answering, so quickly.
  4. Bro go to the other forum there's one for growing those guys could help out a lot more than anybody over here.
  5. Oh, I didn't know that. I'll see if I can get my topic moved so I don't end up double posting this thread. - Thanks for the tip Nanners :)
  6. So like...pollen sacks means you have a male plant

    which means you are not going to be getting any nice weed...but you can get some seeds... :)
  7. Yeaah it kinda blows, too bad I can't say I wan't a refund ;)
    I guess I'll just throw it out and see if I can get into learning more about growing (with equipment and learning how to spot when its a male and female).
  8. It's a practice don't give up..
  9. It's so sad.

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