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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by becomegreat, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. If you guys had 2 grams would you guys rather roll one two g blunt or four .5 blunts

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  2. either a 2g blunt or 2 1g blunts.. .5 is not enough for a blunt unless you cut the wrap down the middle hahaha
  3. Would you like ketchup or mustard.
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    4 half gram joints. A blunt is at least 3 grams. And where is the poll?
  5. How much do you usually smoke? How often would you like to smoke? These will lead to your answer

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  6. Load small bowls into my bong and make it last
  7. he was using POLL as a figure of speech
  8. Dont bother with the paper and load it all into my party bowl.. Thats just me lol prolly 2 1g joints tho .5 wouldn't even buzz me if it was rolled and smoking a 2g rollie you waste a shit tone more than what your smoking.

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  9. One 2g blunt and box it in my car haha. .5 is barely enough for a good joint let alone a blunt. Ideally i would do 2 1g blunts or even better just pack a few bowls wit dat shit lol

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    2 1g joints.

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  11. If it was good weed i would rather vaporize it and get high 10 times.  If it was shit weed i would just give it to someone who smokes blunts. 
  12. 2 gram joints

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