Poll: Will Obama Legalize or Decriminalize Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by JohnnyChimpo, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. The title pretty much says it.
  2. Im not hopeful that he will do much for us. Just seems too good to be true.
  3. agreed

    i doubt he will change much, there is so much on his plate as is.

    and yeah of course we all fight that argument w/ weed will solve all the problems lol but in all reality its still a long ways off i think,.

    but thats not to say that weed hasnt comea very long way even over the past few years.
  4. OBAMA won't do anything, but cannabis could end up being legal under his watch. He had his chance to stick his neck out several times, but he chose the politicians' route.

    This is NOT a dictatorship, no matter how much the government wants to make it one. There is legal currency with Obama's face on them, not cool. Currency is reserved for the deceased only.

  5. I doubt the US mint has produced currency with his face on it. Unless you're talking about some other country, maybe Kenya.

    I think progress will be made under the Obama administration and I think people are more hopeful under this president than previous ones in recent memory. However, I think in saying "Will Obama....." there is a lot of pressure put on Obama. I think people should start looking at his administration and the make-up of congress in order to make a rational prediction of future bills to be passed.

    I'm hopeful because I've heard the comments Obama has made on the subject and the (small) movement in congress to pass a similar bill to allow states to decide their own restriction/enforcement. I'm also aware that a noticeable amount of states are bringing up legislation on the issue so more states will be vulnerable to DEA raids and as a reaction the federal government has to make a comment. I hope the comment is pro-cannabis.

    However, I may just be ignorant and too optimistic.

  6. Nevermind, after some quick research, it appears that those Obama coins on TV are NOT made by the US MINT and instead are some cheap knockoff.

    I must say though, that commercial is surely convincing.
  7. ive seen thoes commercials for the obama coins on tv but ive never watched it for more than 10 secs, its just a collectors item thats all, like the state quarters were.

    i think a major shift in the legality of cannabis is on the horison, 2 states just passed laws for cannabis, obama thinks the war on drugs is a failure, that marijuana inc. documentery was great, anyone able to see beyond what they were actually talking about would realise that the entire thing was about how if cannabis was legal all the violence and guns would go away, everything they talked about on that documentery would go away if it was legalised, i think that was the main point of the documentery even tho they never actually said that, they implied it the whole hour. and we just won i foregot how many votes on the change websites.

    more and more people are realising that cannabis is harmless every day. the movement is constantly gaining strength. things are looking pretty damn good i think. obama is going to do something, the people are demanding it.
  8. I honestly just cant picture anything changing with obama. I would like nothing more than to not be proven wrong. But it seems like this is the last thing anyone in Washington is talking about.
  9. I'm pretty damn confident we can make something happen here sooner or later. It does seam too good to be true, but really, it's kinda something that needs to be done. It's been too long.

    My opinion on this whole thing kinda relies on this thought...

    If the founding fathers wanted marijuana illegal, they would have made it illegal. They kept it legal for a reason. :smoke:
  10. When has a president done anything for us before? No matter how the media skews it, we lose at every benefit we make.

    We get Stimulas checks? Yes, but not without taxing the hell out of people
    We get Guantanamo Bay closed? Yes, but not without our already packed prisons, jammed with more people.
    We get Medical Marijuana legal in CA? Yes, but DEA raids.

    Anything that is given to us, comes with a price.

    They say "The war on drugs", we are in a war, everyone of us, Wraughbit, Mat,Mimon,Pothead Warrior ETC, we are all soldiers in a war, and that war is the Legalization of Marijuana.

    So when you ask, "Is Obama going to legalize weed" No, Obama will not, "Will Obama Decriminalize weed?" No he will not, "Will Obama stop DEA raids?" No he will not.

    We, will decriminalize or legalize weed
    We, will stop the DEA raids

    Something my mom always told me since I was little, is if you want something done right, you do it yourself. That same principle applies here.

    We need to keep fighting, because, all in all, we are in War.
  11. I'm calling that he will legalize it in his 2nd term. Within the decade we will see big changes.
  12. There will certainly be no change in the short term. The USA is a carceral state, a prison nation that imprisons a far greater percentage of it's citizens than any other country on earth. Prisons are big business and hundreds of thousands depend on the legal system for their jobs (at taxpayers expense, of course). There will certainly be no changes that throw more people out of work with the economy in the state it's in now.
  13. if the government gets enough pressure from the people, and they decide that legalization would help the economy to revive itself, then they might actually do it.

  14. True. The legalization movement is moving in the right direction, and about as fast as we could hope for reasonably. It would be nice if it became legal tomorrow, but thats not realistic.
  15. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQr9ezr8UeA"]YouTube - Barack Obama on Marijuana Decriminalization (2004)[/ame]
  16. I doubt he'll legalize it, but he'll atleast stop DEA raids. And we can hope for decrimization.

    Yeah, there's always hope right... especially from a canadiate that built his campagin on it.
  17. hahahaha my thoughts exactly
  18. what about how he said its time for change. and he wants to hear what the people of the u.s. think. i hope he does something.
  19. everyones been ignoring change.org and citizens briefing, look at the youtube videos from the people who made citizens briefing, they dont talk about marijuana, even though it was a top idea

  20. That was fucking inspirational man, i wanna go sit outside the white house and protest.
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