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POLL: What are your parent's stance on marijuana?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TreeBranch, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Personally my parents don't want me smoking, they have caught me once, then after that they didn't care. They also said "if it wasn't illegal I wouldn't give a damn" and they mentioned the medical side of it too.

    But I know some people have crazy stories of child-parent bonding and every other thing a story can contain, lets hear a few! :bongin: :wave:
  2. I am 29 so they really have no say but my mom is cool with it..I have smoked while she has been at my house and my step dad ah whatever don't care...
  3. You forgot to post the actual POLL part of it, bro! LoL!

    No worries.

    My parents had always been alright with it, as long as I'd be responsible.
  4. well i dont think my parents would care. I know my stepdad smokes but ive never caught him doing it, and he knows i smoke but hes never caught me doing it either. its like a mutual trust sort of thing. and i dont think my mom knows either of us smokes.
  5. My parents are a little of both. They mostly don't want me doing it becasue its illegal and i could get myself in trouble. They said if i ever wanted to do it i would have to go to amsterdam. They also mentioned that they dont want me doing it every day.
  6. Im not really sure how my mom would feel... she doesnt know.
    im pretty sure that she wouldnt be mad about it but she wouldnt like it either. simply because its illegal
  7. mom knows i toke but its kind of the ' if i dont see it i dont care' type deal with here.... but my dad is anti smoking i think... he used to be a stoner back in the day which is wierd
  8. Meh..they don't particularly care.
  9. My parents used to be big potheads so they don't care that I do it as long as I don't get in trouble with the law.

    My dad's a cop and hes still cool with it :D
  10. They don't know
  11. My parents smoke with me all the time.
  12. my mom used to smoke but doesnt anymore. she doesnt care if i smoke as long as i do so responsibly.

    my dad still smokes but i dont smoke with him. he did ask if he could bum a hit from me today though, so i let him.
  13. My parents dislike the fact that I'm spending my money on "drugs", instead of spending it on things like gas, car insurance, etc... Other than that, they don't really care that I'm smoking.
  14. i think my mom would be the same way if she found out.....from wat my friends mom tells me, my mom used to smoke when she was younger........
  15. My mom smokes but is pretty hypocritical most of the time, so I'm pretty sure she'd be pissed if she knew. My dad is strict on breaking laws, so I'm sure he'd be pissed too.
  16. I wish my parents smoked! I don't know if they know that I smoke. I think they do though. They wouldn't be that upset I don't think.
  17. well my dad doesnt give 2 shits but my mom is like all old school with that shit
  18. dad knows i do it and did it himself, does not care. he confronted me about it once and said he didnt care aslong as i pay my bills first.
  19. Greetings,

    Where is the "My Parents are Dead" option? You're like three years late with this question. :rolleyes:
  20. My mother used to smoke, but she knows I smoke, only thing is she doesn't want me smoking in 'HER' house. Whatever, I just goto the attic haha

    I'd get my own place if this city wasn't such a fucking dump

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