Poll: Gay, Straight, Bi, Asexual?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by AloisWolf, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. I found a thread a while back about gay potheads and it was somewhat amusing because it was if they were talking about a mythical creature that didn't really exist lol. Yeah... we exist lol. So what's up? Where are all the glbt peeps at at gc?
  2. Hmmmm... I'm straight and proud, but what ever anyone else does is fine, as long as they don't push it on me.... Unless to lesbians wanna push it on me then I'll push it in 'em. Hmm.. What else... oh yeah, well I guess that would make the lesbians Bi...right?

    Well I got a question!

    If a lesbian uses a dildo, does that make her Bi? I mean, it technically is a "fake penis" ... so ... right?

  3. Interesting thought,
    but in my expert opinion, i believe it would have to be a real cock.
  4. Ive always wondered if there were gay/lez tokers that surfed GC.
  5. What the fuck is wrong with this thread.

    Sexual preference has nothing to do with anything aside from love-life.
  6. I concur with the roach, who I believe to have a very creative screen name. Just because you use a device to penetrate your vagina (if you have one, anus for male... and possibly female) does not necessarily mean you enjoy being with the thing the devicec belongs to (Men).
  7. Uh... that's why it's in the general thread. :metal::love::poke::hide::bongin::confused_2::gc_rocks:
  8. I'm the gay one, who's the bi one?
  9. Yo, are you also friends with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster? You smoke em out or what?

    Haha I'm just playing, but yea I have not met a gay stoner yet. Looks like you're the first! :D
  10. lol Nice to meet your acquaintance, the Easter bunny said to Jesus.
  11. Thank you. :confused:
  12. straight, as a arrow,,, i dont know about your mention of the easter bunny,,,,

    im still leary after this bastard,,, tried to get a piece of one of my hens,,,,

  13. I'm the Bi. Well, I only tried it a couple of times before, but now I'm with this girl for like 3 years now. I must admit, we had some wild nights with her and her brother and some cocaine.
  14. God... don't make me the token gay kid at gc... :(

  15. Its iight dude. I voted, but won't say what I voted for, haha. I'll leave it all a mystery. But I have 3 gay friends, all of which blaze.

    One fits the stereotypical gay. He's actually pretty annoying. The other 2 are mad chill, and I doubt you would even be able to tell. Until he decides to deep throat the blunt, haha.
  16. You are now officially the Token Gay Kid!
  17. Most of the gay people I have met/know smoke weed. I live just outside of San Francisco so a gay pothead is not that rare in my life. The gays even have their own MMJ club. Its not an official gay pot club but it is run by an organization that is primarily made of gay people fighting for gay rights. Ive smoked weed with atleast 10 gay people in my life. The first time I smoked with with gay guys was in a pot club and I didnt realize they were gay until they started talking about how sexy Jim Morrison was. My next door neighboors are lesbians and Ive smoked with them once or twice. Im suprised that everyone thinks a gay pot smoker is so rare. You guys do realize that the gays are probably one of the most liberal groups in the US, right? I would be willing to bet that more gay people smoke weed than straight people per capita.

  18. :eek:
  19. Haha. Yeah. Being gay is no big deal but incest... Im hoping that you had sex with them seperatly so it is not techinically incest.
  20. Alright.... who the hell put "Other"? heh... you're supposed to explain! I wanna hear this...

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