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  1. how much does your average plant yield. I know a lot of issues come in mind to determine the yield, but statisticly one can make good inferences.


    1-20 g

    21-40 g

    41-60 g

    61-80 g


    100 + g

    I think its not the proper way to suscribe a poll , but someone who knows will pick the vibe and post it right, for now, be kind and reply
  2. maybe this will help reduce the question: How much can i expect a plant to yield. I know depending on strain, medium, light, bla bla bla

    but youll never hear of a plant givin 5 kilos o a grower yieldin 2 g. Anyhow, thought it might be pretty interesting, and if done before, would you be so kind and post the link pliz...
  3. If you are growing outdoors, an experienced grower can get a kilo per plant. If this is your first grow and you use the lights listed in your signature, expect a half ounce per plant give or take a few grams depending on how things grow.
  4. however my main concern is not how much to expect, rather find out later on... But knowing and posting our crop results will give useful info, i guess. Obviously you could not simply use the poll to find out how much weed youll get. Depends on many things, everyone knows.

  5. No disrespect bro but the plants yield depends on so much that is not really an answerable question.







  6. and most importantly, if in soil, Pot Size, you cant expect much from a 6 inch pot, i never use anything under 7 gallons.

    Provided you have suffient light (not flourescent, but MH/HPS) Rich soil (proper feeding) and large pot (5-7 gallon), the beginner can easily get 2 ounces per plant dried.

    There are alot of variables, but light, and pot size are the 2 biggest factors that will deermine if your gong to have a good yield or sub-average yield.

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