Poll for begginers yields

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ganjamen, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. how much does your average plant yield. I know a lot of issues come in mind to determine the yield, but statisticly one can make good inferences.


    1-20 g

    21-40 g

    41-60 g

    61-80 g


    100 + g

    I think its not the proper way to suscribe a poll , but someone who knows will pick the vibe and post it right, for now, be kind and reply
  2. it'd consider the light they're using, and turn their watts to potential grams...
  3. that would yield an estimation, which as usefull as might be is not what i was thinking of.

    If lots of dudes reply to actually what they got (asuming they dont fake it), we the public could do serious estimations about g for plant. For instance, some dudes say they can get a plant to yield up to 500 g, but im pretty sure that most people get something around 20 and 50, and only devoted and experimental growers get 500 g in their average plant.

    Anyway, it would all help us to better understand how MJ works, and to see how our results relate to others...

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