Poll finds Americans “mostly agree” with Black Lives Matter; Conservative outlet misreads, claims th

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  1. The conservative Media Research Center criticized PBS for purportedly burying its own poll results showing that Americans disapproved of the goals of Black Lives Matter. But the poll actually showed the opposite: “50% of Americans mostly agree with the beliefs of Black Lives Matter” while “33% of Americans disagree.”

    Tim Graham, NewsBusters Executive Editor and Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis, wrote an August 20 post criticizing “Taxpayer-funded PBS” for “liberal bias” in part because it “buried” poll results on a recent NewsHour program finding that when it comes to Black Lives Matter (BLM), “50 percent disapproved, and only 33 percent approved.”

    MRC’s Twitter account also wrote: “PBS, NPR bury their own poll results showing only 33 percent approve of Black Lives Matter.”

    But the poll actually found that 50% of respondents said they “mostly agree” with BLM, while only 33% “mostly disagree.”
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  2. What about the other 17 percent?
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  3. Its called "indifferent" meaning 17% dont give a fuck
  4. The bright side is that the remaining 83% do GAF.
  5. I think those poles are a joke. Unfortunately, a lot of people probably select "mostly agree" out of guilt. They don't want to feel like a racist so they simply just agree. This is my own opinion obviously, let me know what you guys think.
  6. It took only 4 posts before the "poles" are declared fake. LOL
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    Never said it was fake, but you dont thibk it happens?

    Think about it this way, I'm a Caucasian male walking around and an African American walks up to me and asks me to take a poll of this matter, my answer could be different because of this situation.

    Maybe im just ignorant
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  8. The are a "joke" but not fake? That means that they are a real joke and not a fake joke? Now I'm confused.
  9. Inb4 polls are fake, fake news......aww shit
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  10. They hung up the phone when they heard the question.
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  11. Poland is a fake country. It was created to start WW2. Poles are just disgruntled Germans.
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  12. So only the stupid ones answer their phones?
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    If the "poles" had a big fat capital P.
  14. Polling, especially political polling, is notoriously inaccurate. It is very easy to use flawed methodology, either intentionally or not.

    On top of that, public approval is mostly irrelevant to assessing the worthiness of it's cause. They are still violent, they still spew hateful and ignorant rhetoric, they still intentionally stoke racial animosity etc..
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  15. I just doubt they take these polls in places like where I live.
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  16. Thanks for that man.. I always like to read that stuff with any poll.
    It's very important..

    Just curious.. Do you think 859 is a reasonable sample size?
    Also the other questions were very interesting.. Nice to see 96% against the KKK. that's reassuring lol

    http://maristpoll.marist.edu/wp-content/misc/usapolls/us170814_PBS/NPR_PBS NewsHour_Marist Poll_National Nature of the Sample and Tables_August 17, 2017.pdf#page=1
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  17. I agree. The thing that frustrates me the most with these polls is that they reference "Americans" when in fact just 859 people out of the population of 326+ million took part in the poll. However, for the small sample size, the results are promising.
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  18. I think the results are pretty typical considering the sample. I bet if they polled all 120 million voters it would be more like 50/50 like the election was.
    It's a pretty politicized issue.

    Antifa and the white supremacists come in at a whopping 5 and 6 percent. That's also promising as well as the 96% against the kkk.

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