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  1. I'm starting to notice that the activism is coming out here at the city! Maybe it's time for a weed politics forum?

    A place where the serious minded activist won't have to dig thru another forum to find political discussions?
  2. I agree, and right on citykids! Activism is the only way we will be able to have our voices heard.

    Perhaps we can expand the Marijuana News forum to include political dicussions, i.e. Marijuana News & Politics?
    Just a thought :)
  3. I had the general new s forum in mind for that, but a weed politics forum? Would it work out?

  4. SJ, IS THAT YOU?!!? :D

    I don't know if it constitutes its own forum, that's why I thought it'd be good to mix in with the News forum since a good percentage of the News forum is political-based articles. It'd be nice to have a spot where people can talk about activism, etc, I've seen a number of people posting in various forums about the politics around marijuana, so maybe we can direct them to the News forum, or?
    maybe it's fine as it is?
  5. So, if it's on the table, I totally second the motion. It would be great way to get the information out there in an organized manner. We could use all of our resources and ideas combined to literally get a huge start as a group to change things.

    People need to know the facts. We could do so much to educate people and to teach others all of the different ways to participate in the movement. If we all had the resources to get our points across in an organized manner then we could see changes much sooner then we could hope for.

    Nothing is impossible and even if we can make a small difference by having a forum that included activism then we've done a good thing.

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