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  1. Immortal Technique.

    An amazing East Coast rapper with awesome political overtones and lyrics.

    Some great music and even better knowledge.
  2. yeah I heard about him I got downloaded one of his songs and it was tight it was called Jedi Mind Tricks bit I like Ill Bill better I got the song called Gangsta Rap its some tight shit
  3. downloading some now hope its good as you say
  4. Ill check him out, never heard of him before
  5. Yo ratsa man +rep they are ill as fuck
  6. dance with the devil
  7. It gets so much better than that, bubs.

    Check out:

    • "The 4th Branch"
    • "The Point of No Return"
    • "The Cause of Death"
    • "No Mercy"
    I'd just like to say, that this guy IS on an indie lable and if you really like the music, you should look into purchasing a CD.
  8. I like bin laden the most so far. That track is great
  9. The one with Mos Def? Yeah I really like that. Very outspoken, just saying what everybody should know.
  10. ill download some on ares RIGHT NOW i love his music
  11. yeah man all his songs all the shit bush knocked down the towers

    EDIT he is the fuckin sht\it i woke up and said where did all thjese songs come from hahahha
  12. Haha yeah man, the more you hear, the better he gets.

    His freestyling is hard to find, but is absolutley nuts!
  13. i have alot of his freestyles
  14. philosophy of poverty
  15. I just started getting into good rap, some of it kicks ass

    atmosphere, mr. lif, madvillian/mf doom, a tribe called quest, immortal technique

    immortal technique is great, has some great lyrics..

    so any advice on some other artists like the ones I mentioned?
  16. ok causes of death

    You better watch what the fuck flys outta your mouth or ill hijack a plane and fly it into your house, burn your appartment with your family tied to the couch,and slit your throat so when you scream only blood comes out
  17. thats gonna be the next CD I purchase also what other underground rappers do you guys refer me too

  18. .
  19. Technique has always been one of my favorites. Harlem Streets, Revolutionary, and Positive Balance are a few good ones that haven't been mentioned. In da club is prolly his best freestyle. Starting to like jedi mind tricks and papoose a lot more, though. Everyone should check them out too. I think Papoose is just as good of an MC as technique.
  20. mos def, talib kweli, dead prez, krs-one, common, jedi mind tricks

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