Political party that suports... sex with kids and animals??

Discussion in 'General' started by kleiny, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. a friend sent me this link to an artical about the dutch pedophilia party and i thought id share it because their views are so utterly ridiculous that my jaw dropped when i figured out the article was real.

  2. Whos up for whoopin some dutch/Pedophile ass!!? :metal: Fuckin makes me sick 12 thats just wrong
  3. I can't even put my anger into words.

    Like... seriously...
  4. you gotta click the link and read the whole article, thats only one of their views. they also support sex with animals and a lot of other fucked up things.
  5. Dutch people are so cool though, this is from out of left field.... by left field I'm talking like from a different fucking sport altogether!
  6. whats the big deal about this.

    my dad got so mad when interracial marriages got their day in court.

    and when states legalized gay marriage, these were his exact words..."pedophiles and beastiality are gonna come into play pretty soon".

    holy shit he was right. i hope they get their day in court. i dont condone interracial marriages (ive fucked black girls so shut up) and i dont condone gays...but this is personal choice.

    if im going to devote my life towards drug legalization as a personal choice, i have to support this too. its only fair.
  7. man thats weird the part about goin naked in public is funny though
  8. then i have to support someone kickin your ass
  9. So if you don't condone interracial marriage, and you've had sex with a black chick..

    And if you don't condone pedophilia... does that mean....?
  10. what league are you in:smoking:
  11. cool, i do too. i support that shit all the time. i love fighting. now fuck off.

    Hey Rasta, i was trying to be intellectual, lets leave out the idiotic metaphors and get back to this philosophy.

  12. Haha chill scoobs, I was just jokin'

    Didn't mean to offend you, buddy.

    EDIT: to remain intellectual. I think the difference is that children (and animals for that matter) don't have the capacity to make a choice. No 8 year old thinks "hey, i'm old enough to think for myself, i'm responsible, i chose to have sex with this 45 year old man!"

    It's not tangible to compare this to other sexually contreversial issues such as interracial or gay marriage because in those situations, everybody invovled are consenting adults.
  13. Scooby your sick for supporting 12yr olds in pornos and having sex fuckin sick you think at 12 a girl or boy can think logicly wether or not its the right thing to do FUCK YOU your sick in the head this isnt gay marrige or legalizing weed this is people fucking children and animals:mad:
  14. Rasta i know you were kidding, but i also know how my post is gonna be murdered.

    that was a funny connection, i cant deny you that.

    1. supporting something and condoning it are two completely different things kiddo.

    For instance, i dont "condone" the KKK or neo-nazis or their messages, but i support their means; i would fight to the death for their right to march...because if theyre freedom of expression is taken away, so can mine too. its about principle little boy, grow up and open your third eye.

    2. i could see where this could easily be twisted, but this is still a personal choice thing.

    when i was twelve i wasnt really sure what my doohickey was for, but w/e.

    and yes, it is the same a gay marriage and drug legalization, its a personal choice that doesnt intrude upon other's freedom. bestiality is a tricky one cuz the object of forced sex comes in and im not gonna go there.

    3. i appreciate your irrational wrath and your "fuck you" message, you are now on my ignore list because if this is how you view the world, i dont really want to see any of your posts. less bullshit to plow through.

    4. grow up.

  15. but with this law, the age limits are dissolved. what constitutes an "adult".

    you cant take the side of forced sex, because rape happens at any age.

    if the kid wants to have sex with the older "adult" and is able to realize whats happening, then let him do it. and vice-versa.

    yall do know that in the colonial americas 12-15 year old girls were of prime marrying age? this was the accepted age of marriage, whats worse is that back then, the girls DIDNT have a choice, so it was forced unconsensual sex.

    keep em coming.
  16. See, this is why I deeply respect Scoob.

    He's able to intelligent debate an extremly contreversial issue, and will not comprimise his values.

    We're probably best to agree to disagree on this one.

    It's within my values that I believe that it is wrong for an adult to have sex with pre-pubescent and adolsent children.

    Though I would agree with you about consenting children, the fact is that most of these pedopheliacs manipulate these children's perception and feelings with gifts, mis-placed trust, etc. If not outright molestation and rape. Not to mention the all-to-common violent physical abuse that is suffered.

    These children are not fully developed physically, sexually or cognitivley. The emotional damage that experiences like this can cause at such an early age, I can only speculate to.
  17. thats cool Rasta, im not here to persuade, only to open a new perspective.

    i apologize for the sand in my vagina earlier, doggmann.

    but seriously, im not saying its right. i dont even believe homosexuality is "right" by me.

    but the thing is folks, what we see as "right" can only be universal.

    there can only be one golden rule of morality: When one's personal freedom of choice encroaches another individual's freedom, therein lies the wrong.

    im not saying give up your values, im saying support freedom of all values.

    we must NOT tolerate the legislation of personal morality.

    if this were to occur, i could see maybe allowing for the "recieving" of gratification from an animal, for one might not be able to tell what the animal likes as far as gettin it themselves. idk.

    i think the dutch party should not approach the prepubescent stigma.

    minors maybe, adolescents no. theyre no way they can comprehend it. a teenager could.

    again i dont fucking condone this, but against the chalkboard i have to support their efforts.
  18. I can definatley agree with you on that, Scoob.
  19. I think i agree with Scooby here. Its a personal choice, and if both people give their consent, we shouldn't be telling them what they can and cannot do. It's kinda like saying weed should be legal but herion is dirty and disgusting and should still be illegal. But the only thing is, some people havn't even hit puberty by 12, and they dont know exactly the pros and cons of having sex. They might not realize what could come of having sex, like pregnancy and STDs. I cant say i would support their efforts with 12 year olds, maybe 14. But if something like that would happen, i think that sex education should be mandatory for 13 and 14 year olds, so that they can make an informed decision.
  20. i fucking love you Tbika, thats exactly what i was saying.

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