Political Echolalia- A Diagnostic Guide

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TheHapiClam, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=26315
    Political Echolalia: The parrotlike repetition (echoing) of propaganda, political rhetoric, slander or any malfeasance of truth, simply because you have heard or seen some politician or pundit do it.

    Political Echolalia is a standard feature of all propagandists; Nazis, Klansmen, Islamic extremists, and many hosts and listeners of Right Wing and left Wing talk radio shows, seemingly all Ron Paul supporters, tons of Obama supporters, ALL Palin supporters, and of course, most internet bloggers.

    Do you have political echolalia? Are you just dying to repeat whatever neatly packaged, unfounded or half-assed piece of editorializating you just read, even though you suspect that it was written by someone who's head is not entirely out of their own anus?

    Then you are a Political Echolaliac, and you should seek treatment.

    Go outside, get some sun, look at the comics a while, and put the goddam editorial page down, go smoke a bong, try learning to skate, or fish, or fly a kite, perhaps go for a long walk off a short pier, if your a good swimmer, but really...

    Don't you think we know if you are merely repeating something you don't understand when you post in here? Political ignorance is ok, as long as you are seeking knowledge to end it, but coming in here just to repeat something derogatory that someone else says is...boring. The world has enough blowhardy Rushes and O'Reillys and Hannitys and nothing is going to ever change for the better in our society, unless we stop parroting these assholes.

    Think for yourself and look with your own eyes, and for pete's sake, try to be original in your expressions, and try not to repeat words or phrases you don't understand, just because some other idiot you saw misused them on TV or the internet.

    Thanks for listening to my rant. Please join the Campaign to End Political Echolalia!:smoke:
  2. I would think you fit this syndrome (?) quite well, but then as a Ron Paul supporter I don't really know anything. ;)
  3. So...you've read this somewhere before???

    No, as an RP supporter in the GC forum, you probably know how to keep making every problem in America, tie into the need for free market economics.

    Or so we keep hearing, over and over and over. We've got it, btw.

    A free market economy is not a social panacea, and it is a system very open to abuses that would make wall street blush with envy. Mr. Paul's voice is a godsend in congress, but we never hear about that from his supporters, only a lot of whining about having to vote for the lesser of two evils, and if he can get his party of choice to back him, then he might be a contender, but until then...:confused: etc,...etc.,,,,

    We've got it.

    Am I repeating myself yet?
  4. I don't see how Ron Paul supporters can truthfully be exempt from this that you talk of, how are we to know they know what is best.

    I think this is a gene trait, we as a species follow the status quo we are set to. Even Ron Paul is apart of the status quo.
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    But, you still don't get it...

    There are laws in a free-market, and fraud is illegal. The argument is that abuse is more prevalent when you give impressionable ($$$) bureaucrats the power of protection rather than the people. Ask Harry Markopolos.

    Wall Street would cower in a free market, what with real interest rates and a pegged dollar... it would whither without the security the Fed provides it.

    Anyways, not everybody is so eloquent as to stray from the temptation of echolalia, especially with today's media emphasis on 'sound bytes'.

    And I hope you are not referring to the growing popularity of libertarian ideals, but the repetitive language through which those ideals are expressed.
  6. I think I have read just this before, I couldn't have, right? ;)

    Anyways, since you seem to be so fond of assuming (Straw-man argument?), I will clarify. Just because I support Ron Paul doesn't mean I agree with everything he says or believes and just because I believe (With good reason) that the free market would be a step in the right direction does not mean I think its paradise.

    Lastly, are you sure this thread is not just an excuse to go off on a "Free market is evil" rant. :p
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    I love your rant; feels good to get it off your chest don't it. Here let me try...

    The liberals are the only ones doing this. :mad:

    They all repeat everything that each other says, they text thier talking points and then they all repeat it word for word every single day.

    Have you never heard a montage of the left? Have you never heard how ALL the liberal media outlets use the very same exact words and phrases as each other in order to convince the weak minded kool aid drinkers to repeat them as well?

    Limbaugh and Hannity have not changed a thing yet the Olbermanns and the Maddows have completely changed. They are no longer concerned about excess spending or corruption with in the administration or lying or troop surges. Olbermann is no longer on TV every night going "SIR...SIR..SIR..." when discussing the president.

    Bush lied.. Bush lied... Bridge to Nowhere, Trooper-gate, Yellow Cake, Quagmire..Quagmire...:rolleyes:!!!!

    HEY LIBTARDS! Your man OBAMA is DESTROYING the US economy with in his first month in office so STFU ABOUT SARAH PALIN YOUR MORONS!

  8. Max i fear we are of those who the gentleman is referring to, not that i give a shit. You see if you criticize Obama more than once on the same issue you are guilty of Political Echolalia, or so ive been told.

  9. Yes; I must be guilty because I'm not even half way done criticizing Obama yet. :p
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    Maxrule, you are the king of oblivious irony. I bow down to your opulence in the field. You must have been devastated when the Cold War ended.

    P.S. this thread made me crave Enchiladas

  11. I'd suffer fromPolitical Echolaliaif they'd throw some cusswords in their short, repetitive, meaningless, irrelevant, insulting mantras.
  12. Some examples of the inability to extricate your beliefs from what was actually said...

    Please re-read the original post, there is no exception for Obama supporters there, and yet it mysteriously is referred to as such in your post.

    But lets hear from the echolaliac master of ceremonies himself!!
    Max rule, are you actually goosestepping to Einstuzende Die Neubatten right now? It goes well with your doomsday scenario that comes straight out of Joe Goebbels playbook.

    "We must stop the threat of socialist aggression" Recognize that quote?

    It was the most uttered phrase in Nazi Germany, right after "Honor the Fatherland".

    Don't be another lame, stupid nazi wanna-be, repeating all that old BS, it's so boring. And the food at their Barbeques sucks, too, not kosher at all!

    And yes, that is my personal opinion, not Keith Olbermann's.

    Not by a long shot, free market is a great direction,if you are starting a country from scratch, I'd highly recommend it.

    But how does anyone propose to bring about a free-market now, in the USA, without a very bloody civil war first?

    Call me old fashioned, but I still really miss the Monroe Doctrine.

    Wall street is populated by very aggressive predators, driven entirely by personal greed, which is how this whole problem started, right? How will that change in a free market?

  13. That exception for Obama supporters is automatically inferred by the Obama supporters which make up most of the folks reading this thread I would assume.

    Oh bull shit! That is exactly what Olbermann would say. In fact he could not have said it better himself. :rolleyes:

    I don't spread propaganda but I do recognize it when I hear it being repeated.

    You got it ass backwards. I'm no fucking Nazi; I'm the FREE and the BRAVE.

  14. That was not irony. :smoke:

  15. Through legislation?
  16. Yes, that's why I called it oblivious irony, maxrule.

  17. That's how they want you to view it, but the truth is it would have never happened without our banking system to prop them up. Again, artificial lending rates were below a free-market level enabling the malinvestment, banks can create money not only through the fractional reserve system but by literally printing more dollars which leads to the bubble, and we live in fairy tale regulation where we expect the SEC to protect our money.

    I assume you mean banks on Wall Street started this, not investors and speculators in the market, and if so you are correct. If there is one thing we do not regulate properly it is our banks.

  18. Who are they?
  19. [​IMG]
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    People that view crises as opportunities. Everyone that benefits from central banking, namely politicians and their corporate buddies, and banksters. The establishment.

    People that scapegoat 'speculators' as the cause for the business cycle, not the ridiculous easy access to capital granted to them by the Federal Reserve. 'Don't blame the fisherman for killing the fish, blame the fish for biting the bait'.

    People that have something to lose from public realization of the truth. Central banking is evil and destroys the middle class.

    Or maybe people that realize what Americans have to lose from realization of the truth. Our privileges we take for granted as rights.

    People like Joe Lieberman who wants to make speculation a crime:
    When (if) you were taught about the first great depression in school what were you told the cause was? Certainly not the Federal government and central banking! Same goes for the S&L crisis in the 80s where executives were scapegoated.

    The stock market crashing is not the cause for a weak economy, it is a symptom.

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