Police tase, shoot 95 year old man to death in nursing home

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    Just no words to describe how disgusting this is.

  2. We need to do something about the "Police that serve to protect our communities" I don't feel like they're doing their jobs nor is our government reinforcing these people and the way they handle the situations they encounter. America wasn't supposed to be this way.
  3. We need another christopher dorner acab all cops are bastards

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  4. Appalling.......

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  5. You know, except without the murders.
    This is truly disgusting. This poor old man was obviously confused, and likely frightened himself. 95 years old, numerous health problems, barely mobile. Most likely having at least some stage of dementia, and possibly having a medical emergency such as hypoglycemia causing him to be altered and act aggressively. I hope these cops get what they deserve. I truly do, because there is absolutely no excuse for something this horrid. The people who are supposedly there to 'protect and serve' are incapable of subduing a frail old man, even with the use of taser. This poor man was murdered. And I could only imagine the pain his family is going through. 95 years of life survived, only to end up dying at the hands of crooked cops.
    And I just have to say, the medics who called for PD are pussies. They need to get new jobs, sitting behind a desk where they belong.
  6. Wow there is must truly not be a logical or legally legitimate reason this happened.
  7. Somebodies  getting a paid vacation!
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    This is fucking disgusting. PUSSIES, PUSSIES EVERYWHERE.I read on reddit of a police officer doing something similar to an old woman with a broom. In the same thread a 13 year fire dept veteran told the reddit community he has had to deal with similar situations such as this and never had to resort to these measures. He said that the police officer should never even have to use a taser or excessive force. "If a police officer can't handle an 80 year old woman with a broom he shouldn't be a police officers." Such pussies. God damnit. Sent from my GT-P3113 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. It's stories like these that make me wish hell exists just so people like this will end up there.
  10. I subscribe to Copblock.org on facebook and see probably about 5 of these stories every single day.

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