Police stop 70-year-old man for expired tags, shoot him for holding a cane

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  1. \tPolice stop 70-year-old man for expired tags, shoot him for grabbing a cane
    YORK, SC -- A senior citizen was shot during a traffic stop when a police officer stopped him for expired tags and mistook his walking stick for a gun.

    Mr. Canipe, a veteran of the Vietnam War, stopped his truck when signaled. Without being prompted, he then proceeded to step out of his pickup truck to see what the problem might be.

    Lacking the strength to walk properly, Mr. Canipe then reached into his truck to pick up his walking stick, as he had done countless times before. But this time was different. Canipe was in the presence of a police officer.

    FAIR USE / SOURCE: York County Sheriff's Dept, South Carolina

  2. In this case I don't blame the officer. He shouldn't have even gotten out of the car in the first place, let alone disobey the officer and grab something long and straight and point it at him in the dark. And the officer felt bad afterwords
  3. Agreed. I usually hate cops etc but this one isn't his fault. If I didn't know the situation going into watching I would of thought shotgun too.
    Hope the man is alright.

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  4. how about drop the gun first, then if he raised it towards you thats when an officer can shoot. situational awareness could have easily prevented this, old man in truck, probably bad hearing. The old man never respond to his sir's the officer said, ya he should have stayed in his truck like everybody else but lets not shoot the guy over it. police are not military our streets are not a war zone (even though some areas it looks like it)
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    Yeah I would have acted like I fucked up too if I was on dash cam. He's fucking 70. You can't hold a shot gun from the very end of it and shoot it with one hand even at my age. I don't know about anyone else but I can definitely tell a cane from a shotgun.

    It was dark yeah but the amount of lights police shine on you it's just like its sunny out.

    He even had a limp.

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  6. Unfortunately the streets are a war zone and cops getting shot, stabbed, or killed is not that uncommon at all. If someone is acting suspicious, not obeying, and reaching for an unknown object to point in their face, you set off every red alert you could to let them know you're unpredictable and might have a lethal weapon.

    This shit is happening way to often to just be stupidity or ignorance of the VICTIMS...cops are not being trained to serve and protect anymore, they are being taught to control and oppress.
  8. With a society so focused on guns and using them, what choice do police officers have but to be overly cautious? Be slaughtered?
  9. Lol, look at how terrible his shooting is.. Good thing he is in a position of authority to use deadly force!
    "overly cautious" as in SHOOT AND KILL CIVILIANS WITH CANES
    that's some pretty stupid shit to say, kill the other people or be killed is all you equate it too...did you lose your ability to think suddenly?
    that is a good thing really, to hire the worst shooters, may be the only way people can survive in a police state without guns in the homes, like sheldon would like...
  12. Thats unfortunate but the guy did make a lot of mistakes in his encounter with police he never should have exited the truck

    If you want to see the other side of this coin theres a video of a young cop being killed after hesitating to shoot an uncompliant man. Let him reach into the back and pull out a carbine

    Guys you may not get it but theres a reason cops seem trigger happy
  13. Yeah this one isn't on the officer. Nah. I would have probably shot too although if a person wasnt a cop and they shot because they thought someone had a cane and it turned out to be a cane they'd go away for manslaughter.
    Cops are very jumpy because anyone could have a gun and be dangerous. Officers die all the time because they ask questions first and shoot later so they are very jumpy around weapons. 
    As for his shooting I think he didnt expect to have to shoot so he just shot without aiming.
  14. shoot first, assess the situation after?
  15. Spend too long assessing and oops youre dead
    sure, but arent they trained to make these sort of decisions?
  17. OP if your so perfect why don't you become a police officer

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  18. Actually this cop pretty much followed use of force protocol in this case. He did what he was trained to do.
  19. Why the fuck would anyone want to be a pig

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    i cant comment on that because i know nothing about police protocol

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