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Police State: Man charged with gun possesion felony, had concealed carry license could get 8 years prison

Discussion in 'Politics' started by James2912, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. If he had the gun in his vehicle it was obviously there for self defense, so it would make sense that he would have hallow points, because they are more efficient and are less likely to do damage to bystanders 

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    Lol the cop was obviously Liberal, Christ people need to wake up. He took a law completely out of proportion , arrested the dude and charged him with a felony, when he could have just confiscated the weapon, given him a citation for the weapon and not allowed him to pick the weapon up without renewing his permit, of course he's a Liberal LOL!
  3. I wonder if his expensive cars are less likely to do harm to others when he causes accidents due to his tendency to ignore the speed limits.    
  4. The guy was irresponsible for not inquiring about his CWL permit, I take it he moved from one state to another. Everyone freakin out about the speeding and it doesn't even say how much over the limit he was going.
  5. It's the "package" that is disturbing about this guy, which I have explained.  It's not just the gun permit fuck-up, the hollow points and his speeding, it's his intelligence and judgement that are very questionable.  If he was employed in an ordinary workplace, I wouldn't have even given this story a second thought, but for crissakes he's working nuclear power plants, where one little mistake could cause a major disaster.  How can a joker like this even get past the interview and screening process for his job?       
  6. Well...he wasn't following the gun law in the state....

    He should always check the laws within the state he's driving to before he goes out of his way to say oh yeah I have a fucking gun. That's just plain common sense, he should go to jail because he wasn't thinking. That's what I would do, being a responsible gun owner.

    Let's say my state: West Virginia, it's an open carry state. As long as you're over 18 ( I think), you can carry a handgun anywhere you want. Some businesses don't like it, so you leave it in the car. Say you go to a different state, and they have different laws and you get arrested.  It's also the States exercising a right GUARANTEED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION! They can do that!

    Think before you go into another state, this guy is just a moron. He should of checked to see if his permit was expired. The State shouldn't have to inform you. 

    Now, I don't think it should be a felony, maybe a misdemeanor for ignorance of the law.


    (I'm not against guns, I love em myself)
    Or maybe he "literally" ruined his own life by letting his concealed weapon permit expire?
    Personal responsibility?   I guess it's crazy to expect people to be responsible for their own actions, when we can just blame the cops and blame the government.
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    Whats the problem here, am I missing something?  They guys permit was expired correct?  They already said he wont go to jail, but if its expired its expired, it shouldnt matter if he is making 10K or 100K, his permit expired, thus no longer valid. The states should implement a better method of informing people when this occurs, but ultimately it is the individuals responsibility. 
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    Based on the article he works for a contracting company that services a nuclear power plant, he's not employed by Peach Bottom.
    No contractor (or engineer, for that matter) would have access to any part of the plant where "one little mistake" could cause a major disaster.
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    Of course they're not for target practice. You don't conceal carry a firearm on the off-chance you may go to a shooting range. That's nonsense.
    I don't know where Lay Low lives, but I've NEVER heard of a shooting range requiring you use hollow points. That would be a range I wouldn't go to.
    More deadly against a single target. Their purpose is to expel all of their energy into the target, and stop. It is the ideal ammo for self-defense, as the risk of the bullet going through the bad guy and hitting someone/something else is greatly reduced. There isn't a police force in this country that does not use hollow points, and the only citizens who use FMJ for self-defense are highly irresponsible.
    Hollow points have less penetration than FMJ, meaning they also are less likely to pierce a bullet-resistant vest. But the media would have you to believe the opposite, and call them "cop-killer" bullets, which is complete bullshit.
  11. The paper in which we, your masters, allow you to protect yourself is expired. You will have to ask our permission again to yet again protect yourself or else we will harm you if you try so without our permission.
    Your Masters.
  12. Yeah I was thinking of rifle rounds, most ranges forbid solid FMJ rifle rounds. In any case, hollow points are good for target practice, particularly if shooting steel targets. That's all I shoot at pretty much so I'm used to always using hollow points to reduce the chance of ricochets.
  13. .
    If I was gonna kill somebody, a piggie or something, I would personally use a shotgun or a gun loaded with FMJs. Hollow Points are only good if you aren't wearing a vest.

    Yes the media has brainwashed society. I fully agree.
  14. ALL gun laws are unconstitutional the right to bare arms shall not be infringed and that as they say is that. 
  15. All FEDERAL gun laws are, it says nothing about states.
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  17. This arrest is ridiculous, and will be thrown out by any judge with a single brain cell... but then again I've been surprised before.

    But op, liberals aren't the only ones feeding the prison-industrial complex. Down here in the South our republican representatives love the war on drugs.

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  18. Guns are deadly weapons.

    Do we need to talk about how much nore deadly?

    The point is the cop.could have informed him.of the issue.

    Even.confiscated his gun.

    Instead he went for the arrest

    Even though the man cooperated.

    Thays fucked up no matter how you look at it.

    Its not just a cop doing his duty

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  19. Both major parties in the US support arresting people for victimless crimes. They just pick and choose the ones that adhere with their own collective opinions. Both support incarceration for nonviolent citizens.
    So which one is supposed to be for the common man, again?
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    You are wrong. 
    In his own words, in the video, he said that the police did not arrest him at the time he was stopped for speeding.  He claims that they confiscated his gun, and let him go with a speeding ticket because they did not know whether his permit was valid, but were going to find out,   He said that on the following Monday, at his job, he "got a message from officer Miller",  the police officer that had stopped him, which informed him that an arrest warrant has been issued by the attorney general, and that he must turn himself in. This story just sounds sketchy.  What does he mean by "a message"?   Is that how the police work now, by leaving messages telling people that there's a warrant for their arrest,  through an Email , on a phone service, or some other way?   Am I wrong in thinking that arrests are not normally carried out in this manner?           

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