Police Shoot Chimp After It Attacks Woman

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  1. I blame the people not the Chimp!

    Wow how cool would he of been to hang out with besides the whole killing thing!

    Police Shoot Chimp After It Attacks Woman

    A 200-pound chimpanzee kept as a pet and once used in commercials was shot and killed by Conn. police Monday after it mauled a woman visiting its owner and later cornered an officer in his cruiser, authorities said.

  2. a fucking cop will shoot anything that moves.

    even a person who is already handcuffed and their head being pushed to the ground.

    fucking cowards.
  3. I would have definitely shot it.
    The animal was NOT innocent.
    It started EATING A 55 YEAR OLD WOMAN.
    It ate her hands and began devouring her until the house owner stabbed it with a kitchen knife.
    Then it ran into the woods..then attacked a police cruiser some time later, it tried opening the cruiser's door to attack the cop.

    Chimpanzees and orangutans are highly dangerous animals.
    Orangutans have the power to crush a human skull between their hands.
    Imagine if that chimp had attacked a child?!

    They need to place an IMMEDIATE ban on any domestic ownership of such animals.
    Keep them for the zoo or the wilderness.
  4. R.I.P. Travis!

    I always really liked those Old-Navy commercials too...

  5. Wow that is some hardcore shit, clever monkey.
  6. im all for animal rights, and all against police rights, but that monkey was out of control. it hurt someone, and when animals hurt someone, they usually end up dead.

    at least he wont have to spend the rest of his life doing stupid tricks for people or sitting in a zoo.
  7. This actually happened like a half hour from me.
    The lady it attacked in in critical condition atm.
  8. although in a situation like this it probably had to be shot, it still makes me feel bad because an animal like this shouldn't really be kept as a pet anyways and it was just a victim of it's circumstances

  9. no way!
    He was the one in the old Navy commercials


  10. Shit this whole thread killed my dream of wanting a monkey. I dont need a pet who can open doors and use a kitchen knife.

    Woulda tranked that monkey and taken it to the zoo. Give it to the gorillas
  11. I just imagined a bar fight with a monkey.... I would get my ass whooped probably :(
  12. The chimp didn't use the knife, its owner stabbed it to make it stop tearing the helpless 55-year old woman apart.
    And that didn't even kill it.
    The thing turned into an insane beast and would have killed anyone in its way.

    And a 200lb chimp isn't something you can defend yourself from too easily.

  13. I know im saying they can use knives though. My dog cant and he cant open doors.

    You could be sleeping and the fucker just attacks
  14. its a sad situation but i agree with you. they had no choice
  15. Can someone post the old-navy commercial?
  16. its sad and all that the chimp got shot but when i turn on my tv and see this being reported with new updates and shit, its this kinda shit that makes me ask "why is this shit news?" its as pointless as covering the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

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