Police Pursuit In LA {Stream Inside}

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  2. oh the things i miss about southern cali.. i remember one day watching a high speed chase go through LA all the way down to hb, then finally ending in long beach with the dude getting smoked because he was about to open fire with a shotgun... all live
  3. Not to be a downer, but this just reminds me of 1984, where they had cameras and helicopters streaming video of criminals on the run - most of whom weren't even guilty, just innocents who happened to get accused so the government would have a scapegoat - to all the TVs in the city so everyone could sit on their fat asses at home guzzling popcorn and soda and chuckling to themselves about these poor saps getting blown to bits and mauled by robotic dogs.

    *downer leaves thread*
  4. Who's Chris Brown?
  5. well obviously know one here saw this, but he stopped in a street. and eventually armored trucks approached the car and he shot himself....
  6. Also, not Chris Brown, he's in Miami as far as I know.

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