Police Profit From Marijuana Arrests In U.S.

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VsseaDzNf8]Police Profit From Marijuana Arrests In U.S. - YouTube[/ame]
  2. the young turks have to be one of the best political talk shows around
  3. of course.. don't people realize the reason they don't want you smoking marijuana is because its NOT addicting unlike alcohol and cigarettes.

    Step 1. You get alcohol or cigarettes legally
    Step 2. You're addicted
    Step 3. You've got cancer/some other disease caused by alcohol/cigs and are paying thousands of dollars in medical bills
    Step 4. Government laughs all the way to the bank
  4. well in my contry cops make money off arrest to the fuckers re-sale any thing they confiscate i shit you not:mad:
  5. Between government grants and asset seizure, its no wonder real crimes are given a lower priority. "Gee find the rapist, or go get the dept a new Hummer and 50K in cash..."

    Tough decision....
  6. This isnt exactly news to anyone who doesnt have their head burried in the sand but it is shocking to see someone actually report on it. Really pisses you off good:mad:
  7. not only do they profit from it... the police force is nothing but a huge govt jobs program
  8. its a racket. just like speeding tickets and such. its their revenue.
    also if you are ever arrested and found guilty of a crime you are in the system. being in the system you will be harassed by the police relentlessly. its more money in their pockets....

    i had a cousin who has a criminal record and he was always getting fined left and right for years after his first stint with the cops.

    but from the outside looking in from the everyday happy go lucky buffoon, everything is how its supposed to be. :rolleyes:
  9. .....As the sheeple are lured closer to the cliffs edge.....
  10. Basically the drug war is welfare for the prison/police/lawers/rehab workers at the expense of the tax payers(us).
  11. May 9, 2014
    In a post on reddit, the op asked the following question:
    Workers of Reddit, what is the most disturbing thing your company does and gets away with? Fastfood, cooperate, retail, government? 
    A man going by the name of Throwaway, as in throwaway account, left an honest reply of why he had to quit being a cop.
    Here it is:
    Former cop here. Throw away for obvious reasons.
    <div style="margin:5px;"> 
    Yeah, we have “quotas”. They are ‘unoffical' but you get shit duties if you dont pull in so much money for the department per month. So, what that means is, say it's the 30th of the month and you havent met your quota.. That means you pull over someone (preferably black, since they are less likely to fight it or sue) who is ‘doing 55 in a 54′ and give them a ticket.
    Also, I'm lucky enough to work in a ‘shall arrest' DV state. Which basically means that, if we get a domestic violence call against you for any reason what so ever, we are required to arrest SOMEONE. It doesn't matter if a neighbor who hates you calls, and when we show up you are the only person home, we are still supposed to arrest you. I've literally been yelled at by a superior because some asshole called in a DV against his neighbor who he had a land dispute with, and I refused to arrest the guy because his wife wasn't even in town when we got there (she had been out of town on business for a week…). It doesn't matter to the higher up's, because once you are arrested for even a bullshit reason, it's money getting pumped into the system. You are GOING to pay bail if you can (which doesn't get refunded under any circumstances), you are going to spend 12 hours in jail minimum, and unless you luck up and get a decent public defender (which happens occasionally if they aren't already over worked), you are going to pay for a lawyer. Even a bullshit arrest can easily turn into multiple thousands of dollars. Oh, let's not forget the expungment paper work you have to file (which is another 5-600 bucks), just to get the arrest removed from your record (the arrest will stay there even if you are found innocent or the DA refuses to press charges). Let's not forget the money being pumped into parole officers, probation officers, etc.
    Oh, and in my county in particular, ‘evidence' that is confiscated, gets auctioned off, and the money goes back into the PD. So, if you are arrested for spotlighting or hunting out of season (or even some BS charge as mentioned above), we are going to take your car, your firearms, and possibly any other firearms you own that we ‘suspect' you may have used for other illicit activity….and unless you can afford a good lawyer to get them back, we are going to auction all that off and the money is going to go back into buying us new squad cars and laptops to look at facebook while we sit in those squad cars.
    So yeah, don't think the police are here to protect you. We are here to put money back into the system. When I started out I was a starry eyed kid, thinking I was going to be helping out people and ‘protecting and serving'…..after a few months, I realized that it was all bullshit, and we are here to use anything you say against you, and twist any facts we can against you. It was so bad (at least where I live) that I had to quit, I didn't have the moral ‘ambiguity' to keep on. I know not all PD's are like this, and my hat's off to the people who could keep on trying to change the system from the inside, but yeah, at least around here, and as far as I'm concerned for the most part, ‘justice' is a racket.

    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/incredibly-honest-yet-disheartening-infuriating-confession-cop/#JYObittTZqgAegts.99</div>
  12. That reddit cop's grammar is atrocious, but at least he's honest.
    Just an important distinction here -- siezed drugs and cash don't go right into police department coiffeurs. Under the current rules, the federal goverment gets its cut, then the remaining money is filtered back down to the department. That means that, yes, police have a vested interest in arresting people for drug possession, and those arrests can indirectly impact their take-home pay because the money is also used to fuel overtime grant programs.
    Cops are also now getting military surplus, which includes body armor, weapons, armored transport vehicles, etc. That partially explains why they play at being soldier so much, and why they're so quick to shoot.
  13. That and the level of impunity that they operate at is.... Frustrating.
    TBH, THIS:
    The sad thing about that is our Founding Fathers intended the Second Amendment to be a check on government power, but they didn't envision a future in which the government had a million-strong military with helicopters, bombers, air superiority fighters, gunships, psy ops, etc.
    Essentially, an armed militia could conceivably keep the government in check in the 19th century, but nowadays the government could wipe an armed militia from existence with a drone while sipping coffee a thousand miles away.
  15. Agreed, but civil war is messy business, and not something the government would want to rush unto. Not to mention they have all those tools, and yet to rid the world of "terrorists".


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