Police harrassment?!

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    I live in a fairly small city (on the outskirts of a larger community). Long story short -- I've had some issues in my neighborhood. Let me give you some key background points:

    1. About a year ago, I was arrested by a police officer. I had about 7 grams of pot on me. Was issued a ticket, went to court, and received a fine.

    2. A few months after, I was arrested again (Yep, unlucky). This time, I was arrested outside of the city I live it. Went to court, plea-bargain to a misdemeanor, fined and got probation.

    3. I had a brother-in-law move in with my family. He's quite a bit younger - he's 21 and I'm 32. When he moved in, we had much more traffic than before. Our neighbors never loved us, but I'm sure the new, younger, more frequent traffic got them talking.

    4. A few of my in-laws got into an arguement with my neighbors about 3 months ago. It nearly got physical, and it resulted in the police being called. I wound up with a few cops coming by, including the one that arrested me in point 1. By the time they arrived my in-laws had left, and I was left to explain what happened. During the course of their questioning, I had an officer scream at me that "it smelled like pot" 3 or 4 times (in front of my children). No arrests were made, but they obviously sided with my neighbors.

    5. Shortly after the incident, an officer drove by my house asking me how things were going. They then talked to my neighbors, I have no idea what was said.

    6. I'm confident that several of my neighbors worked together, accusing me of selling drugs, and made phone calls complaining about my traffic. I also suspect that at at least one of my neighbors is a friend of the officer(s) involved.

    7. My brother-in-law has moved out, and almost all of my previous traffic has been eliminated. (over the last 2 months)

    Ok, enough background! Last night, my brother-in-law stopped by the house with his girlfriend. He left around midnight. On the way home he was stopped for expired registration. Guess what cop it was? Yep, the same one that had arrested me in point 1, the same one that showed up in 4, and drove by in point 5.

    My brother-in-law was ticketed for expired plates, as well as no insurance. His car was impounded. He was then taken to the local police station, and interrogated about me specifically. My bro in law said the cop was making phone calls stating that he was trying to find a way to charge him with a felony?! The cop started harassing him about me:

    "How many plants am I growing"

    "My house is "marijuana central, what's going on there?"

    "If you care about the kids (my kids), you should cooperate with us"

    "We can make your tickets (HAHA traffic tickets) go away if you help me and let me know what's up"

    He was then told that he would be pulled over and arrested any time he's seen leaving my house. He said they've been watching my house, and that they'll have to bust my house "for the kids".

    I can say with 100% honest I'm not growing, selling, doing anything with pot (outside of smoking it). Now, I'm fairly certain that I'm not officially being watched because he wouldn't have said so if I was, and I'm not doing anything.

    What can I do? What should I do? I'm at a loss and need some suggestions.
  2. you can move
  3. Just don't do anything, period. Don't have any traffic, don't do any kind of transactions. I stopped smoking a longgg time ago partially because of negative attention. It's not worth it bro, just cool out and lay low for a long time.

    edit: not partially, more like mainly.
  4. lol we'll get rid of your tickets if you snitched... whatever happened to "We'll give you 20Gs if you snitch on yer homies" just keep your weed possession in the misdemeanor level so if they do try shit they cant do alot to you.
  5. Make sure you have NOTHING in your house, fuck with their minds.

    Have people come in and out for the hell of it and have a nice laugh.

  6. ^^^ this. If i knew i had cops watching my house i'd fuck with them as much as i possibly could without doing anything dangerous or illegal.

    One night when you notice the cops are watching invite like 5 friends over and you and them just flicker all the lights on and off for a good 20 minutes. This will confuse the shit out of the cops. If they dont come in, have one of your friends flicker the outside lights while the rest of you just aimlessley walk in circles on your front lawn.
  7. make your neighbors do something to you thats unlawful, but you never doing anything unlawful. File lawsuits against them all and have the last laugh while they are in debt.
  8. Don't do anything, just make it look like you are dealing by having friends come over at random times of the day, like late at night and such. Then if the police do bust you and you have nothing on you, report it to the media and explain the harassment to the rest of your town.

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