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  1. the guy is a straight up beast. HE is everywhere on the field. That one handed grab interception was straight loco. The guy is probably the most exciting football player to watch now a days.

    Hits like a brick.
  2. And now hes hurt ahahahahahhahahah go pats
  3. he also picked up like 3 penalties in the first half
    but no doubt hes a beast
  4. I agree, he's easily one of my favorite players to watch. He puts every ounce of energy on the field, and plays with more heart and compassion than most people these days.
  5. was it just a coincidence that you made this thread on the same day they announced he was going to be out for 6 weeks?
  6. LMAO Madden curse strikes again. Now lets wait and see what happens with Larry Fitzgerald
  7. bad break for an amazing player.
    such vision from that guy.. see's the play before it happends

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