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  1. this is just for fun. i'm no satanist or nothing, but i absolutely love the movie "devils advocate" here's the rant big-al pacino had at the end:


    "let me give you some inside information about god. god likes to watch, he's a prankster. think about it...

    he gives man instincts, he gives you this extraordinary gift, and what does he do? i swear, for his own amusement, his own private cosmic gag-reel, he sets the rules in opposition. it's the goof of all time...

    look, but don't touch,
    touch, but don't taste,
    taste, but don't swallow...

    and while you're jumping from one foot to the next, what is he doing?

    he's laughing his sick fucking ass off.

    he's a tight ass, he's a sadist. he's an absentee landlord. worship that?



    my sentiments excactly :)
  2. same sentiment in Bill hicks' "DINOSAUR?" sketch.

    "I'm god, I'm a prankster, I'm killing me, huhuhu." Bill Hicks doing an impresion of the prankster god planting "dinosaur" fossils to test the christians faith.

  3. haha!!!

    Dude dies and gets sent to hell. When he gets there he's surprised, because everybody's partying and chillin, and just havin fun. There's a beach there, the sun is shining, and a big field of bud is growing inland. Dude is walking around hell and thinks "well, this isn't so bad" until he climbs to the top of a hill and looks over. There he stands above a valley with a lake of fire, populated by demons, who have people chained up and beign whipped and beat and set on fire. Horrified, he runs down the hill and asks the firsr person he sees what the deal is with the other side of the hill. The other dude answers "Christians, that's where the christians go, they wouldn't have it any other way"

  4. Devil's Advocate is a good movie. And Al Pacino was going on that rant to make God look bad. The Devil is a smooth talker capable of quickly spinning a web of deciet that looks perfectly rational. He knows exactly what to say to try to twist people into believing what he wants them to belive. I need to watch that movie again soon. Where is my case full of divx cds?

  5. rotlmao

    owowow! i think i tore my stomache musscle loose again from laughing so hard.

  6. so .... how do you know that the "devil" didnt write the version of the bible you have? how do you know he hasnt twisted your mind to his wicked ways like he has done for so many other christians?

  7. um... why would the devil talk shit about himself? a lot of the Bible talks about how satan will lose... do you think if the devil wrote the Bible, that he'd lose?

    "a house divided against itself cannot stand"
  8. Well it's all about capturing the "believers" so that they think they're right, so wouldn't it be logigal to make them think that the "teachings" they obey and serve are from god?
  9. now if i was the devil, the first thing i would do when i got kicked out of heaven, to get my revenge so to speak, is to try and divide elohims [god] followers.

    first, id introduce jahve, and made damn sure abraham knew who he was and cast him into a copulating spree that would guarantee a huge tribe. then i'd let them stew in their own fat for a while arguing who's the true god, elohim or jahve. then i'd release jesus on the suckers, and let them fight among themselves for a while. muahahaha

    just to make the picture perfect, muhammed comes a long and get suckered into releasing yet another version of the "suggestions" i gave abraham.

    what perfect chaos.

    ...and it was all good!
  10. Off topic or something:

    I fwe go with the bible, lucifer (satan, antichrist) got kicked out off heaven because it didn't agree with the plans of GoD. I s that enough reason to send some one out of it's natrual habitat? it's like you're living in a country and if you disagree with the leader (president/dictator/majority) you are forced to leave that country....
  11. hahaha LMAO at toosicks!

  12. um... Lucifer got kicked out because he became very proud of how great he was (He was the greatest of all God's creation). Lucifer thought he could overthrow God and take over his throne because he thought he was better than God. Satan gathered a third of the angels to his side and tried this very thing... THAT'S why he got kicked out of heaven.
  13. oh yeah... sorry, didn't get my facts right....
  14. it's all good :)
  15. Wasn't he the first to commit the 7 deadly sins?
  16. his initial sin was pride which completely consumed him. after he was booted from heaven, he was consumed with a very strong loathing of God. he then became the epitome of sin. because of his hatred for God he does everything he can to blaspheme God, and try to get revenge on Him.

    the seven deadly sins are the sins that cause the most damage to people's lives.
  17. where's that damn "rolling eyes" face when u need it!?
  18. I understand about the pride, I just hear somewhere, and I can't remember where, something about Satan and the 7 deadly sins. There was more to it but it escapes me. And don't just say, he's the devil of course he did the 7 deadly sins, cuz that's too easy of an answer. If you haven't heard what I have mebbe it's just somehting from somewhere that really has no bearing.

    oh and digit, even tho I don't agree with you is this :rolleyes: what you're looking for? : rolleyes: is what the command is on another board. I'm assuming it's the same here.

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