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  1. Hi..

    Here is a picture of my current grow. These young ladies are 3 weeks into flower using GH WaterFarms and my WhobeLuc nutrient formula.


    Thanks! :wave:
  2. looks good but u should train more and fill that net out it will add a week to flower but the pay off is worth it.
  3. Hi..

    Thanks for your input. I have done traditional SCRoGs in the past with 8 plants, but there are a couple of reasons why I have modified this technique.
    Because I like to keep my pair of 600w HIDs as close as possible, the foot print of the lights limits the outer dimensions of the SCRoG. The 8 plant grow definitely filled the screen, but with 6 plants, not so much. I try to get 8+ main colas from each plant and use the screen to help support them as they mature.
    Since Mrs. Boo and I are legal MMJ patients, growing for personal use only (and limited to 6 flowering plants), I concentrate on producing the best quality that I can, and not worry as much about quantity. Even with this limited SCRoG, the amount that I harvest is more (way more) than we consume.

    I am confused about your comment that more training would add a week to my flower time.:confused:

    Again, thank you for your input.
  4. during flowering the plant moves auxins where they r needed mainly the tops . once you bend, cut ,break, or rearrange the order meaning which top/tops get the most light. the plant has to stop whats its doing and move the auxins again which takes time. therefore adding a week or 2. p.s flowering weeks should start when hairs appear not lights cut back.
  5. What's the yield look like off 6plants? They look awfully healthy
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  7. Thanks!

    Interesting about the auxins... but it makes sense! .... This is why I love GC... the exchange of intelligent information.:gc_rocks:

    Since I check the trichome color for ripeness, I never worry about 'time'... but when I say they are 3 weeks into flower, I mean from start of 12/12.

    Good Luck!

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