Poetry/Rap Entries

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Oni-Jin Spiritus Genitus, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Passions of past
    petty cash then the dash
    smokin wobbly Gars then pass
    no swishers
    bowls j or dabs
    just cheap Indian cigars
    sittin in the lab
    chemist in the lab
    fuck beakers or ph tabs
    lyrical gymnastics
    classics no pen and pad
    bastard but don't miss my dad
    I'm exactly where I'm at
    and his address but I ain't stressin that
    in the past
    notorious rap gorilla black
    I'll tracks
    but money see monkey do
    east coast apes don't play that
    mixtapes no Dre track
    or pro tools in fact
    just flows and dro
    you know that's way back
    shit I won't pull rank
    OG Kush rolled
    was my very first time
    that my very first mind
    buried in a hearse left behind
    now that I've passed that welcome to Cali sign
    its about that time
    I be on my on my grind
    team or on my own that's fine
    candle to a Torch
    I'm gon shine

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