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Poems on acid

Discussion in 'General' started by Greensleeves, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So here's of series of short pseudo-poems I wrote on acid. Send me feedback.

    Fear is knowing what you can't. An acceptance to what is unaccepted. To have fear means to have another's approved loss.

    Stand close to the edge and one will see the bottom. Stand close to the cliff or away from it, it does not matter. The edge is only seen when you are on it.


    Thoughtless thoughts are flightless flights. A facade they accept, for it's thoughts full of flight that they find most unsettling.


    Can one hurt a bird that does not fly? Or does the pride come from ending a life at a far off height in subliminal flight?


    Mindless mishaps mold merry mysteries.
    Is illness in isolated islands?
    Never nudge neurotic newcomers.
    Delight delivers dream dust.

    The hollowness only makes him less patient. What is a minor threat seems to deliver a death sentence. But he knows he's safe in the end. Why? Because all hollowness has room which can be filled.


    Goodbye little trinkets. You are still quite large to my pupils, which are quite small compared to the rest of me.
  2. That's deep man/gal

    And I'd take off the "Acid" part off, you can get in trouble.
    But B- rating
    Iil too deep for my liking

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