Poems against pot.

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    This is in rebuttal to the propaganda sites, ie Abovetheinfluence and checkyourself. These are satire that would likely be heard coming from such websites.

    "All She Wanted Was Another Hit"
    I still remember the cry of our 3 year old baby girl
    The way she screamed when her face
    Delved into the concrete because she was high.
    Why did you do this to her?
    All she wanted was another hit from a pipe.
    And I saw an empty shell of who she once was
    Who YOU once were.
    You might have felt good for the moment
    But the dope made you a monster
    and I dont know how to save your soul.
    As for the child
    she is bound In dope's harmful grasp
    And I remember
    All she wanted was another hit.
  2. ----------------------------------------------
    "My Once-Friend"
    How can you say that to me
    That you were "rollin"
    You were on E

    All i wanted to do was say
    You had it all
    You were on your way

    But now youve murdered my heart
    Your foul drug abuse
    Is just tearing me apart.

    You did it to be cool, didnt you?
    You were once a friend
    But you ditched me for your krew

    We had all kinds of fun
    eating chips in the sun
    The days of childhood i hold dear
    Makes me wish my once-friend was here.
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------
    "Nobody is there"
    Drifting through the world in a permanent stupor
    You see your mother through the fog
    She is smiling and waiting for you on the other side.
    She reaches for your hand but you don't respond.
    You can never come to her side.
    You are too far from reality.
    And You put yourself through this hell
    When you took that joint at the party.
    I could see in your eyes the desire
    that doubled over into addiction.
    Now you lay there cold and alone
    On the same foggy street,
    Looking into nothing;
    Nobody is there.
  4. "Earth to Marty" (name not directed)
    Why did you touch the meth pipe?
    Did you think you were COOL?
    Well earth to marty.
    Youre not.
    Oh yeah, and the POT you smoked?
    It wasnt COOL either.
    I know you have problems but dont get high.
    Take it from an acquaintance.
  5. -------------------------------------------------
    "Forever Insane"
    In the light of the joint's cherry
    You smile an empty smile
    For a small time you are merry
    But it only lasts awhile.

    In the presence of your family
    You seemed to dissipate
    Going to your room constantly
    To smoke and dissociate.

    In the fog of your atrophied brain
    you mutter demented words
    As the serosis causes you pain
    You say youre with the birds.

    In the hands of a dreary fate
    You cannot break free
    If you wanted to, now, its too late
    Forever insane You'll be.
  6. those are terrible. sad.
  7. My Ode To WEED

    Who thinks weed is bad
    You never knew I was sad
    I use to be lonely but I still had friends
    And we were all together until the end
    I use to think it was bad but I was wrong
    So ignorant making judgements for far too long
    I never tried it myself- I didnt know
    It wasn't bad- just when laced with blow
    They made it sound so evil
    like it was a needle
    i fell to the propaganda but I broke my shell
    now I know it makes me well

    yes i just made that up
  8. "Needles in this haystack"
    No more needles in this haystack
    This needle has come clean
    The drugs hit like a quick attack
    I never did stick to the green.

    I was always seeking the next high
    And with that high I sought another
    I thought it would be like this 'till I die
    Stealing change from my brother,
    money from my mother,
    How can I keep hurting one another?

    This was ridiculous, but I could not contemplate
    This devils weed had me sealed by fate
    And at this rate,
    Right now might have been too late
    To bring myself back to a conscious state
    and clean my slate
    Because I want to set it straight.

    No more needles in this haystack.
  9. Fail poem is fail.
  10. your poetry sucks ass
    im not gonna lie
    you may think crass
    but im thinkin why-
    the fuck are you such a shittool?
  11. I guess some people have strong opinions on irony and its relationship to humor. If I have to spell out my motive so that it is more clear, my writing is satire against both the propaganda and the people who follow it.
  12. I love pot its everything Ive never had but always got when your at the bottom of the bag im on top and ill smoke you out on the spot

    ill admit this lady never leaves my side and in some states she could even catch me 5 but still i will not let this love die cause if shes done anything for me shes got me high

    Red hair and a beautiful smell I know one day our love will prevail.At the moment they may not understand but eventually they will learn you can not control a man
  13. dunno bout all your words smart guy, but your style sucks fucking shit sticks.

  14. I don't know how to say it clearer. The point of my poems are to mock the people who seriously campaign against pot using poems like this. I am going to submit a few for approval on propaganda sites to see if I, a stoner, can make my mark on their pages.
  15. im sick with it though right guys??
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    "I once knew a friend who smoked pot. His name was Michael, and we grew up together in the same neighborhood, and went through elementary school as best friends. Recently, he had a fallout with the other crowd. I noticed that a few months ago, he stopped hanging out with me as much. Then I found out he was smoking pot.

    At that moment I was so ashamed. It was when I had first seen him with his new friends, his dissonant eyes and his clouded & overshadowed mind making sense of it all. I can't say I was lucky enough to deny a hit.

    Instantly I liked it. I was ready to do anything for it, to be "in" with all these "cool" people. Then I quickly progressed into using H & Coke. I remember the first time I tried Meth, and then begin to crave it still to this day.

    That's my story, guys, take it from a real pot smoker. Stay above."

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